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  • You Can Be a Superhero Too! (with Eidos)

    You Can Be a Superhero Too! (with Eidos)

    Who hasn’t wanted to be a superhero at some point in their lives? Who hasn’t donned a red cape (usually a bed sheet or towel) and pretended to be superman? I don’t know a single soul that hasn’t had a fantasy about their lives being extraordinary in a “super” fashion. Well, my friends, you too can be a superhero! That is with the new Eidos technology. DudeIWantThat.com posted an article on Sunday, 25th of August, 2013 about the new tech […]

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  • All Superheroes Must Die

    All Superheroes Must Die

    All Superheroes Must Die, written and directed by Jason Trott, is about four superheroes whose superpowers were nullified by an injection by the notorious “Rickshaw” and were left in an abandoned town. But why did Rickshaw leave the four superheroes in this town with no superpowers? Simply put, Rickshaw is their arch nemesis and is tired of losing, thus he set up a series of “missions” to test the superheroes with the ultimate goal of death. Each superhero (Charge, Shadow, […]

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  • Smartwatch Mania! Galaxy Gear Incoming

    Smartwatch Mania! Galaxy Gear Incoming

    Ever since the Pebble debuted on Kickstarter a year ago, the idea of a smartwatch has been at the forefront of where technology could go. There have been other smartwatches, but the Pebble became the first to capture the cool, streamlined look that people want out of their tech. Now that the Pebble has hit the market and is available in a Best Buy near you, it would only make sense that other big name brands would jump into the […]

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  • Papers, Please Review

    Papers, Please Review

    Indie games in recent years have become a staple to our gaming experiences, this game is no exception to that. Papers, Please puts you in the position of a immigration inspector in the soviet like country of Arstotzka. Your job is to inspect immigrant documents and use a various number of tools to determine whether the papers are valid and in order. You keep out spies, smugglers and even some members of terrorist groups. At the end of each day, […]

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  • A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Taurus Demon

    A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Taurus Demon

    Welcome to part 2 of Danno VS Dark Souls you lovely people. This is my chronicle of my journey through one of the toughest RPGs to ever console gaming in the past decade. Here, I’ll track how my morale holds up on a per-game session basis, share any humorous reactions I had while playing this amazing game, and also curse the ground the designers walk on. Lets get started. I’ll get the boring stuff out of the way first. Faced […]

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  • Muppets Most Wanted

    Muppets Most Wanted

    No catchy name here. I’m just here to tell you of the 2014 movie of the year. That’s right, we’re talking about Muppets Most Wanted. That’s right, yet another Muppets movie will be making it’s way into our hearts and souls as of the 21st of March, 2014. And I, for one, cannot wait. Growing up watching The Muppet Show was great, but in recent years it has fallen kind of short. I don’t mean the show itself, but the […]

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  • Ben Affleck is the New Batman. At Least its not Clooney?

    Ben Affleck is the New Batman. At Least its not Clooney?

    Well, that was unexpected. Warner Brothers has announced that veteran actor and director Ben Affleck will don the iconic Batman cape and cowl for Batman VS Superman. The film is due out in 2015. My gut reaction upon hearing the news that Ben Affleck will be next to don the cape and cowl- Did they not watch Daredevil?! I mean come on, that was absolute dreck and you want to trust the most bankable superhero in your lineup to Ben […]

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  • InFamous:Second Son Looks Better Each Time I See It

    InFamous:Second Son Looks Better Each Time I See It

    InFamous became a revelation on the PlayStation 3 when it first came out in 2009. Combining an open world sandbox and the superhero genre seemed like a no brainer, but until InFamous came around successfully combining the two was near impossible. The success of the first game spawned a direct sequel and downloadable standalone game, and now as launch window title for the upcoming PlayStation 4. InFamous: Second Son looks to continue the tradition set forth by the adventures of […]

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