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  • Elysium: Damon Stars, Copley Steals

    Elysium: Damon Stars, Copley Steals

    I LOVE SCI-FI MOVIES! With that said I went into Elysium with very high hopes, and this movie did not disappoint. I was a huge fan of District 9 and hoped that they would return with a sequel but this will suffice… for now.   Taking place in the year 2154 the human race is divided into two classes: the wealthy, eternally healing citizens that live in an orbital oasis called, you guessed it Elysium and everyone else on Earth. […]

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  • Anime review: Mushishi

    Anime review: Mushishi

    A lot of popular anime series tend to focus on either action or romance and relationships, with much emphasis being put on epic battles or awkward characters trying to impress the object of their affection. In a completely different class entirely is an anime with very little focus on either of these these. Mushishi presents a re-imagined Japan in a time that never quite existed, in which the main character is Ginko who happens to be a wandering Mushi-shi (more […]

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  • D VS DS3: I REALLY Hate Black Phantoms

    D VS DS3: I REALLY Hate Black Phantoms

    I knew going into this game that I was going to die quickly and often. Learning from the mistakes that led to each death is half the fun after all. However, I was expecting to die from AI being difficult and crafty, not by being invaded by other people every 6 and a ½ minutes. I mean its tough enough dealing with hollows, demons, armored death pigs and giant bosses that require you to get in close to beat them, […]

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