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Daily Archives: September 27, 2013

15 Years of Google

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Congratulations, Google! You’re fifteen! For the past fifteen years, Google.com has been the leading search engine and barreling its way into our hearts and daily lingo. But let’s look back 15 years ago to the World Wide Web, when our favorite- or at least highest used search engine- was born. Ebay.com. Everyone today know’s Ebay. You use it to buy ...

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Fantasy Football Ranking – Week 4


Good Day Readers! This is Week 4 in the NFL season and whether you’re sitting high on a 3-0 start or scraping the bottom of your standing at 0-3 just remember this, Fantasy Football is more luck-based than an other Fantasy Sports game around. The season is still early and there have been Numerous injuries to major players. *I will ...

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River City Ransom sequel on Kickstarter


Remember the good old days? Those days when you would pop your cartridge into your NES and play that great beat’em up, River City Ransom? Well, now you have the opportunity to help Conatus Creative help make the sequel come to life. This is the officially licensed follow-up to the Technos. River City Ransom 2 will combine the role-playing elements ...

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Anime review: Texhnolyze


Texhnolyze is a hard series to talk about without going into detail, since the plot is quite in-depth. It’s easy to focus on the general style and feeling of this show.  It’s very similar in everything visual to Serial Experiments Lain, which is understandable as they were produced largely by the same people, notably producer Yasuyuki (Yasayuki from some sources) ...

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Should Xbox One have a $400 dollar model as well?

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As we were all informed back in early August, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One will not require the Kinect sensor in order to function. That being said, it begs a question that I think is on everyone’s mind: Should Microsoft think about selling a $400 model without the Kinect sensor? With all of the information that we have gathered ...

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