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  • RETRO Film Review-Resident Evil:Afterlife

    RETRO Film Review-Resident Evil:Afterlife

    Every Week, I will be reviewing a Retro film from the past. Being Halloween, I thought I would start with a horror film, if you could even call it that. In this new age where almost every other film is released in 3D, it should come as no surprise that there’s zombie movie in 3D. Enter, Resident Evil: Afterlife. The special effects were the only engaging thing about this movie. A lot of it felt like The Matrix in 3D. […]

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  • Anime review: Rin – Daughters of Mnemosyne

    Anime review: Rin – Daughters of Mnemosyne

    I’m worried that I might not be able to properly review this show because I still don’t fully understand what I watched. Torture porn, demonic angel men, immortal women… not to mention Yggdrasil and an ending that made me WTF more than I did at the whole of Serial Experiments Lain or the premise of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. To give you some idea of why I kind of liked this show – it’s different. Really quite different. Torture […]

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  • Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies Review

    Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies Review

    It has been quite a few years since we have seen our spiky-haired friend featured in his own title, but Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies is our first title in the series to be released on the 3DS. How does this game stand up to the rest of the franchise, you may ask? Well, let’s find out. Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies takes place one year after the events that occurred in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.  After having his name cleared and […]

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  • Danno Vs InFamous- The Story Keeps Me Coming Back

    Danno Vs InFamous- The Story Keeps Me Coming Back

    Welcome to another edition of Danno VS InFamous. This week, I cover jumping back in and the reasons why I keep coming back to this franchise. For me, returning to the first InFamous is like going back to ballpark. It just feels natural to climb back into and just start playing again like no time has passed. Main difference being that I can parkour in InFamous and when I go back to a baseball diamond I’m just a smidge less […]

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  • Under the Radar: Mount & Blade: The Last Days

    Under the Radar: Mount & Blade: The Last Days

    What if I told you there was a game that would immerse you in Middle Earth. You can build up an army out of whatever faction you pick – Rivendell elves, men of Gondor or Rohan, even orcs and Dunlendings. A game that stays true to Tolkien’s vision while drawing inspiration from the movies – in which you can have quite the range of adventures. Also, it’s technically free (although you have to buy the base game Mount and Blade) […]

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  • Battlefield 4 Beta Review

    Battlefield 4 Beta Review

    By: Tyler Valdal The Battlefield 4 open beta brings many improvements and disappointments to the franchise. The beta opened on October 4th 2013 and closed on October 15th 2013. Back in July 2012, when Battlefield 4 was announced to those who pre-ordered Medal of Honor: Warfighter. There was some hype as Battlefield 3 was the most played online game at that time. At that time I was deep into BF3, the destruction, vehicle mayhem and overall excitement from playing it, […]

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  • Bee and PuppyCat hit Kickstarter

    Bee and PuppyCat hit Kickstarter

    Over the last year YouTube has become more than just a hub for viral videos, it has also become a place where legitimate shows that don’t have the money or backing of a studio still have a chance to come to your doorstep and make you laugh. In this instance we are talking about Bee and Puppycat. Bee and Puppycat is an animated web series created and written by Natasha Allegri. The show is produced by Frederator Studios and is […]

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  • 10 Best Video Game Series for Halloween

    10 Best Video Game Series for Halloween

    As we close in on Halloween many people are getting into the Halloween mood by doing some of their routine marathons, whether that may be reading ghost or horror stories, watching scary movies, or checking out all of the Halloween specials that are invading your TVs, but some go for games. Some people turn to horror and suspense video games, and that is where we are turning today. Today we are checking out 10 of the greatest video game series […]

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