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  • The Future of Resident Evil

    The Future of Resident Evil

    The Resident Evil franchise has been beloved to many, or at least was. Despite the release of Resident Evil: Revelations many people have given up on the franchise thanks to the horror and co-op focused mainline Resident Evil releases. A Capcom released article titled The Secret of Success “Resident Evil” stresses that “there is a constant need to gain new users” which can also be interpreted as “we want a wider audience”. The article also goes on to explain that “the […]

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  • Jetsons Here We Come? Smartwatch And Glass Debuts in 2013

    Jetsons Here We Come? Smartwatch And Glass Debuts in 2013

    The smartwatch and smartglass used to be the stuff of James Bond inspired fantasy. A watch that could answer phone calls, reminders of mission objectives, and shoot out a tranquilizer dart when the situation calls for it always seemed to be a future concept. Well 2013 saw the tech world usher in a new age of wearable gear, minus the tranquilizer darts. Samsung and Goggle have become pioneers in the world of wearable tech with the introduction The Galaxy Gear […]

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  • Play N Trade With RETRO Magazine

    Play N Trade With RETRO Magazine

    RETRO Video Game Magazine has recently announced its partnership with Play N Trade. Now for those of you who don’t recognize these two names, let me give you a brief intro. RETRO Video Game Magazine is a new publication that is dedicated to the past, present , and future of RETRO gaming (seems to be a reoccurring theme this week). Basically, the magazine consists of video game journalist from the past three decades to discuss their opinion and original content […]

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  • OpenEmu vs JSMESS: Battle of the Emulators

    OpenEmu vs JSMESS: Battle of the Emulators

    This week seems to be a good one for retro and classic game lovers out there. First there was OpenEmu, a gaming platform for retro games and now we have the JSMESS emulator system. The name stands for: Javascript Multiple Emulator Super System. A very long name. It seems that OpenEmu already has some competition in the emulation field. We now have two players in the emulation ring. In one corner is OpenEmu. OpenEmu is a software that is mainly for […]

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  • The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Review

    The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Review

    The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug had all the makings of being an overlong mess of a film. The original book The Hobbit: There and Back Again consisted of 300 pages and somehow Peter Jackson has turned that small book into a 3 movie opus. The first film An Unexpected Journey faced its fair share of criticism. A plodding pace, not enough action, and characters that acted more like rough outlines. So it would have been safe to assume that […]

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  • First Reaction: White Album

    First Reaction: White Album

    My phone lit up the other day with a notification from Crunchyroll, proudly proclaiming that a new episode of White Album 2 was available for streaming. “White Album got a second season?” I muttered, bewildered. I usually try to give every anime I come across that sounds fairly interesting a chance – usually one episode is enough, sometimes it takes a few more before I really appreciate the show for what it is. As I mentioned when discussing the blighted […]

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  • Was 2013 a Good Year for Video Games?

    Was 2013 a Good Year for Video Games?

    2013 has been a big year for video games, with a lot of major releases like GTA V, Bioshock Infinite and a bunch of 3DS games. On top of which the 8th generation in video games began for real with the new Xbox and Playstation releases. However the new consoles don’t just bring with them more power, they also bring some fundamental changes that could shape the future of video games for better or for worse. The most prominent changes […]

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  • OpenEmu Review

    OpenEmu Review

    I’ve recently come across a new gaming platform that seems to be a threat to Steam and the Valve Empire.  This new player goes by the name of OpenEmu. You may be wondering what kind of name is “OpenEmu?”. Well, allow me to enlighten you. The name means “Open Emulation”. Your mind has been blown. Now, time to see what this emulation is bringing to the table. Well, I have two words for you: Retro Games. Yes, that’s right, OpenEmu […]

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