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  • Video Game Adaptions

    Video Game Adaptions

    Since the success of the LEGO movie, there seems to be a fever of wanting to make video games into movies. Warcraft is already in production. Yep, every PC gamer’s dream: movie based on the World of Warcraft video game. Eh, if you have the money, go ahead. It has been announced that there will be a Minecraft movie. Yes, the adaption from the Minecraft video game. Guess who is producing?! If you guessed Warner Bros., you are correct. Warner Bros. is becoming […]

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  • From an Outsider’s Perspective: Attack on Titan

    From an Outsider’s Perspective: Attack on Titan

    My exposure to anime consists primarily of whatever Toonami has in its lineup on any given Saturday night or watching a string of 7 episodes of Dragon Ball Z waiting for a single punch to be thrown. So when Frank laid down the gauntlet on the By The Win Podcast and told us to watch Attack on Titan, I was a smidge skeptical. I tend to steer clear of the anime that does not have an English dubbed version. Call […]

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  • MLB 14 The Show: New Features for the Only Game to Take the Next-Gen Mound

    MLB 14 The Show: New Features for the Only Game to Take the Next-Gen Mound

    Long considered the best in baseball video games, MLB 14 The Show is headed toward us fast and right over the plate on PS4.  Unfortunately, couch sluggers on Xbox One hoping to get a good pitch will be instead taking one right in the shoulder as there is no version of America’s favorite pastime coming to Microsoft’s new hardware.  It’s a major bummer this year for the Xbox crowd, but The Show has always been a Sony exclusive, and there […]

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  • First Impressions: Metro 2033

    First Impressions: Metro 2033

    “Hmm, Metro 2033… it’s a shooter? But it’s based on a novel. The post-apocalyptic setting looks cool.” Such were some of my thoughts while considering getting Metro 2033. In the end, I picked it up for a steal on the Humble Bundle store because they were having a sale on Deep Silver-published games and sat down to play. I feel like I should add a disclaimed here about how I am generally pretty terrible at shooters (first person or otherwise) […]

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  • New Dark Souls 2 Information Regarding Difficulty

    New Dark Souls 2 Information Regarding Difficulty

    The Souls series is notorious for its difficulty, so much so that people use their completion of the game as a boasting point. This difficulty isn’t the type that you would see in the arcade days or even the NES days. Dark Souls seems almost easy in comparison to games from such eras. However the modern era of gaming is far more forgiving since even the hardest games give you the option of an easy mode. The Souls series does […]

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  • Video Games After Slow Month

    Video Games After Slow Month

    For the past few months, we have been bombarded with next-gen consoles and with new video games to match. It was all fun and games until the novelty wore off. We were eventually left with boredom and desperation for new games. After months of of playing the same video games, a change has come. Well, at least a tie over. Here is a list of the video games that ended the Video Game Drought of 2014 (has a nice ring […]

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  • Adventure time for all ages

    Adventure time for all ages

    So as a resident of the internet, most likely you have heard of the hit cartoon Adventure time. With Finn the human and Jake the dog, this go around being best friends and helping out any one in need. But watching it you see the underlying themes of the show, some of which are simply untouched by children’s media. They deal with loss, healthy and unhealthy relationships, identity and friendship all in one show and don’t they do it beautifully. […]

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  • Antichamber review

    Antichamber review

    Antichamber is a mind-bending puzzle videogame which is a available on Steam – and also, at the time of writing, for a lot cheaper as part of the Humble Indie Bundle (so if you think it sounds like your cup of tea, get it while it’s hot). To put it simply, this is a rather visually minimal first person puzzle game with lots of unexpected situations and solutions. As you progress through the game, you’ll also come across little panels on […]

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