5 RPGs We Would Love to See a New Game From

Since gaming first began, there have been many RPGs that almost every gamer knows or has played at some point. Everyone knows the Final Fantasy series as one of the staples of RPG gaming, but what about the games that are sometimes overlooked? We want to take a look into some cult favorites that we would love to see another game from. This list was not done in any particular order, just to be clear.

Lost Odyssey:

Lost Odyssey was the first game released by Mistwalker, the new studio created by famous Final Fantasy game designer, Hironobu Sakaguchi. Not many remember much about this game, but those who took the time to go out and purchase it will tell you it has an extremely engaging story, fun gameplay, great looks, and, of course, music from Nobuo Uematsu. The story centers around learning more about the life of Kaim and the deception inside the council of Numara, and the whole game makes for a great experience for anyone playing. It has a slow start, as most RPGs do, but once you finally get deep into the story, it is hard to put down. For a short while there were talks of a sequel to this game, but due to lackluster sales it never came to be. That doesn’t mean we can’t hope for one, does it?

Star Ocean 5:

Star Ocean has been a series that I have played since I was a young child and it has always been a great experience. Star Ocean: Til The End of Time is still in my top 10 favorite games of all-time. Star Ocean: The Last Hope, on the other hand, did not live up to the hype that Til the End Of Time brought. The voice acting was absolutely terrible and, as much as some people will say it does not effect a game, oh yeah it does. The game itself was not that bad, the story was alright, the graphics were stunning, and the music was very good. This is the main reason why I believe they deserve another chance to make us all smile and take hundreds of hours of our time. In the past, these games have been a hit and I believe they could do it all over again.

Super Mario RPG:

Come on, how could anyone make a list of RPGs that deserve sequels and not have this on it? Hundreds of YouTube videos are still made to this day covering the music, reviewing the game itself, or even doing a let’s play. This game ranks up there with some of the best RPGs of all time. Some people say that the Paper Mario series was like a spiritual successor to Super Mario RPG, but it just never quite felt the same. No Geno, no Smithy, it just wasn’t right. If you want to see the Wii U sell, just wait to hear an announcement for a brand new Super Mario RPG and the sales will sky rocket.

Shining Force:

Let me be clear, there have been many Shining Force games released over the years, but none that have followed the story of the first two released for the Sega. This series of Strategy RPGs was one of my favorites growing up. Collect more soldiers to fight in your cause to save the kingdom of Guardiana. If you are a fan of games like Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics, then this is a game that you would certainly like to see a sequel to.

Phantasy Star:

The PSO games do not count on this list because they are spin-offs of Phantasy Star 3. Seriously though, with the success of Phantasy Star Online and the anticipation for Phantasy Star Online 2, don’t you think people would want to go out and purchase a brand new game that continues the story? It is amazing that this hasn’t been done up to this point. Back in the days of “Sega does what the Nintendon’t,” these were some of the games that got people to really switch sides and go with Sega over Nintendo. Sega brought us a lot of great RPGs and this was no exception. A sequel to this could certainly be hit and would make a lot of Retro gamers happy.

This list could honestly go on for days; there are so many great RPGs that we have seen fall between the cracks, but who knows, maybe I will make a second article discussing more RPGs that need some love in their old age? RPGs give you the opportunity to immerse yourself into a game in a way that other genres don’t and that is why they continue to be a hit even to this day. The future is bright as long as we have more RPGs coming out and with the releases of games like Bravely Default, Tales of Zestiria, Kingdom Hearts 3 and more, it doesn’t seem like there will be any shortage anytime soon.


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  1. RPGamer says:

    Lost Odyssey wasn’t Mistwalker’s first game. Their first game was actually Blue Dragon, also published by Microsoft as an exclusive for the 360. Just thought I’d mention that. I also wanted to say that Lost Odyssey was such an underrated gem. It sits up there as one of the best JRPGs I have ever played in my life. There’s more to the story than just a group of people banding together to save the world. The game was very emotional in a lot of ways and very thought-provoking, just beautifully told. With all that said, it’s just such a shame it didn’t get the sales it deserved. While it didn’t sell horribly(quite well, actually, for a brand new IP in a market where JRPGs don’t get sold unless they’re called Final Fantasy), it never made the splash it was expected to make, considering who its creators were. I would definitely love to see a Lost Odyssey 2, however, with a whole new cast/setting using the same type of story-telling that was used in the original. Heck, I would love to see an entire series come from this. One can dream. Speaking of Mistwalker, I wonder what they’re up to nowadays and if they’re working on anything new. I would love to see more projects from them.

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