5 Video Game Genres that Need Innovation

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

MOBAs have been steadily gaining in popularity since DOTA Allstars was released as a custom map in Warcraft III, however with very few exceptions (e.g. SMITE) the genre hasn’t evolved much from its days as a custom Warcraft III map. The limitations held by Warcraft III have held back the genre because developers are afraid to fix what isn’t broken. However in order to compete with DOTA 2 and LoL developers will need to bring in some innovations like maybe a Hotline Miami style gameplay or player controlled creeps.

Massively Multiplayer Online Roll Playing Game

MMORPG is a hard genre to change. Players go into an MMO expecting WoW with a twist, even games like Darkfall: Unholy Wars is very similar to older games like Ultima Online. The best way to go about this isn’t to break what already works like the holy trinity but perhaps change something more fundamental like the environment, maybe even removing instances altogether, removing the idea of an endgame and have levelling as the main point of the game.


The name says it all when it comes to this genre. Otherwise known as ARPG or Hack and Slash this genre was spawned the second Diablo became popular. The gameplay for every Diablo-like is incredibly similar with the major difference between games being the way you build your character and the diversity of the enemies you face. The gameplay needs a fresh look at, taking the click click click and turning it into combos or a more dynamic system with a bigger focus on melee combat. The melee in most Diablo-likes is quite bland. If there was a game released that only featured melee and accommodated an active block and parry system this could change the face of Diablo-likes.

Third Person Shooter

TPS games are almost all the same; duck behind cover until the enemies stop firing, pop over the over and headshot or spray as many enemies as possible until you start taking damage. Once you start taking damage all you need to do is go back behind cover and maybe dodge a grenade before starting the whole thing over again. Vanquish did a really interesting take on the TPS genre with a higher focus on dodging and mobility that hasn’t really been touched since.

2D Platformer

Platforming is one of the oldest game genres there is, over the years it has seen a whole bunch of games across just about every platform. The transition to 3D was one of the biggest leaps to platforming which completely changed the way the games played. 2D platformers have all been essentially the same since the first Mario game, with perhaps the exception of Dustforce which added acrobatics into the mix. The changes added in Dustforce were a good step forward and it proved that 2D platformers are hardly incapable of being innovated on.



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  1. Cozomel says:

    I definitely agree on all genres listed. Take our PS4 and it’s two hyped exclusives The Order and Infamous SS. Both are supposedly supposed to be next gen,and yet both are generic and stale from a gameplay standpoint. One is a Gears of War clone with QTEs and the other a rehash of it’s two predecessors. Neither is innovative and neither is impressive gameplay-wise…..but they look pretty, and the sad thing about that is…is that people are applauding them both, blinded by the pretty looks as if they were a beautiful woman, ignoring the fact that the gameplay is generic and hasn’t changed in years let alone innovated.

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