5 Ways to Get Better at Video Games

Despite what your parents may think video games aren’t mindless, they require thought and skill. Well at the very least all of the good ones do. Enjoying video games whilst being bad at them is completely possible since modern video games are generally more forgiving. A lot of people get better over time and their default difficulty setting slowly rises as they play more and more games. However there are ways to advance up to the hardest difficulty quicker than simply practising.

1. Read or Watch Guides

There are a lot of them out there, some of which detail special combos, meta games, damage formulas all of these are helpful to bettering yourself. There are a lot of things about games that most people would never discover on their own. Back in the nineties (and earlier) you would probably buy a strategy guide to get this information; nowadays you have the internet providing you these things for free.

2. Do a Blind Run First

A blind run is when you play a game for the first time to completion without looking up any help whatsoever. This helps teach you the mechanics better than you would get from simply watching a walk-through on YouTube. This may sound contradictory with the first tip but the guides come after you’ve learnt everything you can on your own. If you were thinking of skipping the single-player and going straight for the multi-player, don’t, it will hinder you in the long run.

3. Watch Commentated eSports

The amount of detail the commentators get into when covering a game is immense and it really helps you to understand the mind-set of the players. Occasionally they will even interview the players on their tactics and why they made certain decisions. These interviews are priceless for learning how to play better. Even if you’re not particularly interested in the game they’re talking about a lot of stuff bleeds over to other games, especially those of the same genre.

4. Watch Replays of Games You Lost

Every now and then you have a game that you know for sure that you’re going to win and yet you still lose because the opponent saw right through your play. These games are the best to watch a replay of, watch what the opponent did to prevent your strategy from coming to fruition.

5. Purposefully Hinder Yourself

Once you’ve practised enough you eventually develop a specific skill set, class or strategy that works for you. Once you’ve done so ban yourself from using it until you find a new way to play well. Do the same thing over and over until you’ve exhausted your options. Once you’ve exhausted your options you’ll have a large repertoire of options to choose from at a time of need.



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