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About the Name

We live a society where half truths, subterfuge, and looking out for number are pillars on which we stand upon. This makes for a cynical and often times downright depressing life experiences for everyone involved. We fail to see life what it truly is; a grand adventure where we make our paths and own destinies. Obstructed Views is about breaking down those barriers between society’s perception and our own enlightenment.

 Or Frank was sitting at a wrestling match behind a very large column and causally stated “Damn it! My view is obstructed!” Then thought that obstructed views would be a great name for a website. We’ll let you choose which story works best.

About The Work

Obstructed Views is a multi-faceted gaming news and entertainment website. With content ranging from up-to-date articles from our global staff, to Podcasts starring our Core 4 personalities, and Live interactive Twitch Streams, Obstructed Views aims to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience to our audience.
Lead by the Creepy Dinosaur aka Frank Celona, Obstructed Views strives to deliver high quality entertainment while staying true to the start-up spirit that inhabits our souls. Leave us some love across our social networks.


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