Adventure time for all ages

So as a resident of the internet, most likely you have heard of the hit cartoon Adventure time. With Finn the human and Jake the dog, this go around being best friends and helping out any one in need.

But watching it you see the underlying themes of the show, some of which are simply untouched by children’s media. They deal with loss, healthy and unhealthy relationships, identity and friendship all in one show and don’t they do it beautifully.

Adventure time deals with unhealthy relationships, like the one between Marceline and her father. The relationship is the definition of toxic, there is no love from Marceline’s father to her and Marceline still respects him and loves him. How many children’s shows have shown this kind of relationships and that the child should not be feeling like this? None, except Adventure Time. And it’s target market, the older children is when they need this message enforced the most. This age is when they are most vulnerable and are most likely going through it and having a bad ass Vampire queen to have experienced the same thing as you is at least reassuring that you can get through it.

But also it teaches about healthy romantic relationships, where the majority of romantic relationships are all physically shown through kissing and other signs of affection. There is no real emotional connection shown is comparison to the emotional connection between Finn and Flame Princess, to be anywhere close to each other Finn has to be protected. Alot. The sacrifices he makes and the pain she goes through to make him happy is what relationships are about being with someone to make them happy.

Finally the most important thing Adventure time deals with is physical and mental disabilities. It covers from the ice kings’s memory loss to Shoko’s lack of an arm. While Ice king is initially the villain you grow to understand that no one really is the villain. And Shoko is seen a fully functioning human, even without her arm. She is not degraded or constantly waiting on others and it empowers her. It stops children being scared or stereotyping those in less favourable conditions and provides children with amazing role models.

But all in all, Adventure time while perceived as a children’s show should be watched by all. It is so well thought out in relationships and plot between characters you can’t help but fall in love with this cute little cartoon.


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  1. I kind of want to try Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON’T KNOW.

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