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Bravely Default Review


If you have not heard all the hype about Bravely Default, the newest Turn-Based RPG for the 3DS, you must be living under a rock. Created by Square Enix, this game takes us back to the traditional charm of the JRPG, while still offering new features that keep the game fresh and you wanting more. Bravely Default follows four protagonists: ...

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5 RPGs We Would Love to See a New Game From


Since gaming first began, there have been many RPGs that almost every gamer knows or has played at some point. Everyone knows the Final Fantasy series as one of the staples of RPG gaming, but what about the games that are sometimes overlooked? We want to take a look into some cult favorites that we would love to see another ...

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Microsoft says $399 Xbox One Is Just A Rumor


Earlier this week on our By The Win podcast, we announced that Microsoft had plans to release a cheaper version of the Xbox One. The rumor actually stated that the $100 drop in price would not come from the loss of the Kinect sensor, but rather the Blu-ray drive. Well, we can put all the rumors to rest now. Aaron ...

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Nintendo Releases DS games on Wii U Virtual Console


Most of the news lately regarding Nintendo has not been great. Well, finally we have something that we can talk about that makes everyone smile, even if just for a moment. Now, Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata  did not give us much information on what titles would be supported on the Wii U. Iwata stated during a management meeting: We are now ...

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Candy Crush Saga Dev Apologize for Clone


We’ve all heard the stories, read the headlines, or were at least told by someone about the recent heat that King has been getting due to their trademark of the word “Candy”. Now, the CEO of King has published an open letter in which he addresses the handling of trademarks within the company and allegations of cloning another competing game. ...

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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Announced for the US


Finally! For months people have been waiting to hoping that MH4 would be coming to the west and now it is official. News came during the Monster Hunter Festa 13′ event. The game is set to release for 3DS in early 2015. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be the Western version of Monster Hunter 4G, which Capcom also announced today ...

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Alpha Access: Overgrowth Review


Overgrowth. Maybe you have heard of it? Well, for those of you that have not, this game seems to have been in development hell forever. Announced back in 2008, this crazy fun action game developed by Wolfire has been working towards its final completion and is one we hope will finish soon(or at least move to the beta stage). The ...

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Should Nintendo Forget the Wii U?


This question has been asked by a lot of people in the gaming world. With the Playstation 4 already surpassing Wii U’s sales numbers in the United States, people are starting to lose faith the original home console giant. Nintendo expected a net profit of ¥55 billion for the year, but with lackluster sales from both the 3DS and Wii ...

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