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Anime review: Accel World


Accel World is an anime set in a futuristic Japan where virtual reality has been heavily integrated with the real world. The show’s unlikely hero, Haruyuki, who considers himself a loser and gets bullied at school, takes pride and finds strength in his skill at video games. However, when the “princess” of his school takes an interest in him, everything ...

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Brynhildr in the Darkness


Writer of Elfen Lied, Lynn Okamoto seems to have done it again in his new anime, Brynhildr in the Darkness. Originally a manga airing in Weekly Young Jump – a magazine for a mature male audience typically focusing on violence, women, and gambling – in 2012 it is still running. Its first anime episode aired this month. Brynhildr in the ...

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Anime review: Witch Craft Works


When Witch Craft Works first started airing this season, I wrote a first reaction article about it in which I said “while I don’t think it will be a truly brilliant show, it does seem to be shaping up as entertaining and a little quirky” – which now, at the end of its 12-episode run seems entirely fitting. Witch Craft ...

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Anime review: Air (Movie)


Air – the movie – is a condensed version of the anime, although it apparently released in the middle of the anime’s running during 2005. It tells the story of Misuzu and Yukito, who meet by chance in the summer and end up spending a lot of time together. Sounds like a fairly cheerful story but – spoiler alert – ...

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When anime shows should end after one season

Sword Art Online - 09 (11)

No, I’m not making a dig at ridiculously long-running shounen, but rather considering times when an anime would have benefitted from being cut off at a high point rather than being allowed to fizzle into mediocrity. This topic comes to mind when considering the fact that Sword Art Online is due for a second season sometime this year. While it ...

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Top Ten Heavier Anime Opening Themes


It seems like everyone has their own list of best anime opening theme songs, so I decided to put together some of my own favorites. These are my top ten anime opening themes that are on the heavier side of the musical spectrum. 10. Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne This track is somewhat jarring, with the animation it’s paired with not ...

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Anime review: Berserk Golden Age Arc movies


Berserk is an older anime that, while considered by most anime fans a classic (and in my opinion, rightly so), does look outdated by modern standards. So it’s a welcome addition to the world of Berserk for the series to have received a bit of a facelift thanks to the three “Golden Age Arc” movies, released across 2012 and early ...

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Anime review: BTOOOM!


BTOOOM! is a Battle Royale-style anime in the vein of Mirai Nikki or Higashi no Eden, and has ties to a video game world which makes it a little reminiscent of Sword Art Online – instead of being transported to a virtual world in order to fight for survival, players of an online game called BTOOOM! are selected, abducted and ...

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