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Aloe Blacc: Lift Your Spirit


  Music, has the ability to elicit an immediate and truthful impact on one’s soul. Just listening to a band or certain songs can completely alter your mood or help you through whatever you may be experiencing at that time. When people go to the gym they have a playlist of upbeat songs, when they are driving long distance there ...

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It’s a Tech World After All – Volume 1 Issue 2


Welcome one and all, to the long awaited second issue of “It’s a Tech World After All”! I have gathered together some of the most intriguing new tech I could find. So please return your trays to the upright position, sit back, and enjoy! Immersion Headset Created by designer Samuel Matson, the Immersion Headset is being tested to help reduce ...

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MAGFest not a con, an experience of a lifetime


For those of you who are not aware of what MAGFest is, let me start this article off by giving you a little background. MAGFest is a Music and Gaming Festival that usually happens at the beautiful Gaylord National Harbor hotel in Nation Harbor, MD. It takes place on the first weekend in January and if you are a fan ...

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