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Clone-A-Paloza: Why You Should Watch Orphan Black


BBC America has been home to a few of my favorite shows over the past couple of years. Namely, Doctor Who, Luther, and Broadchurch. Each offers a distinctly unique viewing experience that showed that when done right, British TV is leaps and bounds ahead of what American TV brings to the table night in and night out. Which brings me ...

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Netflix Spotlight: Young Justice

Young Justice Invasion

DC and Warner Brothers animation has a long history of delivering high quality superhero cartoons. Shows that stay true to their roots, provide deep and engrossing tales of heroism, adventure, and some very deep characters. The latest in that legacy was also one of the shortest lived: Young Justice. Now, Young Justice has made the leap to Netflix and I ...

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Joffery Baratheon: The Villain We Loved to Hate

GoT Logo

The best villains draw viewers in with their charisma, enticing audiences by sheer force of will to sympathize with their villainous plans. Icons such as the Joker, Loki, Doc Ock and half the cast of Game of Thrones possess legions of fans because people want to see them do bad things with conviction. People can only watch their hero of ...

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Dan’s Top 5: How I Met Your Mother


Now that How I Met Your Mother wrapped up its impressive 9-season run last Monday night, there is a rather large void in the Monday night viewing lineup. Now, you could dive into one of the new or returning shows that are still on the air to fill the void, but it’s just not the same. You need that daily ...

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How I Met Your Mother: A Retrospective


How I Met Your Mother debuted to skepticism back in 2005. At the time, it was a high concept for sitcom, telling a sprawling story of how a man tells his children the story of how he met their mother through a series of flashbacks, flash-forwards, more flashbacks, and more than a few slaps. But through the friendships and the ...

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Louie to Return to FX


Aw yiss. Louie is the show of hilarious comedian Louis CK. If you’ve ever felt like a piece of garbage or out of touch with whatever people consider to be the real world this show is for you. The story follows a comedian, Louie, his career, his 2 daughters, and the relationships he shares with those around him. Part of ...

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Comes to Netflix

Star Wars

Star Wars: The Clone Wars has recently made the jump to Netflix and it is glorious. The Cartoon Network powerhouse has taken the title of the “best thing to come out of the prequel saga since…ever” and was unceremoniously cancelled last year. There had been talk of a final season coming to air in some capacity that would wrap the ...

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Pushing Daisies

Pushing Daisies

Pushing Daisies has had a bit of an internet revival in recent months. And god those series deserve this attention. The series revolves around ‘The Pie Maker’ Ned, who has the ability to bring the dead back to life with a single touch. But a second touch will revert them to their previous deceased state, permanently. Which he discovered when ...

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