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Video Game Releases for May


With a new month, comes a new selection of video games to choose from. Whether it’s a video game or DLC, the purchases are bound to entertain us gamer; at least until May, anyway. So, here is a list of different video game releases for May: Wolfenstein: The New Order: This game asks the question, ‘What if’ WWII had gone ...

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WildStar is an MMO game that does what MMO games do best: Having opposing classes battle against each other for their rightful place on a planet. This game is unique in using races and classes and having them team up over having a common enemy. In the video game, the player is able to pick sides or factions. The player ...

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The Healthy Gamer: Yoga


Already many of you have pushed this topic of yoga aside because of various reasons. Maybe because you’re a man and you feel it’s emasculating, maybe you don’t think you are capable of flexibility, or maybe you think it’s just a trend like Zumba or Dance Dance Revolution (that’s a work out, right?) but yoga is here to stay and ...

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Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime


The video game is a traditional 1 0r 2 co-op game. The video game’s setting is inside a neon(really pink) spaceship, where players will work together manning turrets, lasers, shields and thrusters to fight robots, save animals, and stave off a death by vacuum (not the best way to go). Deep space is a dangerous place, but at least you don’t ...

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The Evil Within Receives Mixed Reviews at PAX East


Though we still have a while to go before this game is released for the PlayStation 3, 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC it seems most people already have a good (or should I say bad) feel for The Evil Within and I happen to be one of them. This single player survival horror published by Bethesda Softworks and ...

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Star Citizen


The brains behind this new PC game is Chris Roberts. His reputation precedes him; he is the same guy who was behind Wing Commander, Privateer, Strike Commander, Starlancer, and Freelancer. His company, Cloud Imperium Games, is the developer for the game. The game’s setting is a futuristic one (like most video games today). It’s the Milky Way in the 30th ...

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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 Review


Seeing how this franchise was on sale on Steam I thought I should check it out since I am enjoying The Walking Dead game and it’s made by the same people. The story is coming out in chunks if you didn’t know; three out of five episodes have been released. The most recent release was three days ago for the ...

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The Crew


The great thing about net-hen consoles is the ability to play our favorite games in better quality. The same goes for the latest racing game, The Crew. The video game was developed solely for next-gen consoles. That means no having to release the game for both next-gen and the older gen. The Crew leaves the old consoles behind with their games. The ...

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