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Super Smash Bros to the Rescue! But Is It Too Late?


When I first started college back in 2007, I had a fairly tight knit group of friends on my dorm floor. We would do what you expect a bunch of freshman and sophomores would do at a small college; have rounds of mattress jousting, read select portions of I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, and have the occasional airsoft ...

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Transparent Surveillance vs. Encrypted Freedom


If you use the internet this is important to you. Earlier this month Edward Snowden, from a remote location in Russia, appeared on Technology, Entertainment, and Design, also known as TED. Snowden is known as the “whistleblower” on the National Security Agency or NSA. He worked for the NSA as a contractor as a system administrator which gave him access ...

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Massive Layoffs at Disney’s Game and Internet Division

disney interactive

Disney has announced plans to layoff around 700 staff in their struggling Game and Internet Division. These job losses, which account for around 26% of the division’s  employees, are even higher than what had been expected. They are a result  of Disney’s decision to merge  their failing social business with their booming mobile business. In recent years there has been ...

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Will Smart Phones and Tablets Kill Handheld Gaming?

Angry-Birds mario

When someone mentions handheld gaming the first thing that pops into a gamers mind is usually a Nintendo product like the Game Boy or the 3DS. If you mention the same subject to someone who has never really been into the video game scene they would probably think of Angry Birds, Flappy Bird or whatever bird based game is popular ...

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New Vita ‘Slim’ Launching in the UK

New color schemes for the Vita Slim.

Sony is launching the Slim model of their current handheld in the UK on February 7.  North America still hasn’t been given a release date, but it’s definitely coming at some point.  Japan has had the new model since October of last year, and there are a few interesting updates to the system. The most notable being that the Slim ...

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Candy Crush Saga Dev Apologize for Clone


We’ve all heard the stories, read the headlines, or were at least told by someone about the recent heat that King has been getting due to their trademark of the word “Candy”. Now, the CEO of King has published an open letter in which he addresses the handling of trademarks within the company and allegations of cloning another competing game. ...

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It’s a Tech World After All – Volume 1 Issue 2


Welcome one and all, to the long awaited second issue of “It’s a Tech World After All”! I have gathered together some of the most intriguing new tech I could find. So please return your trays to the upright position, sit back, and enjoy! Immersion Headset Created by designer Samuel Matson, the Immersion Headset is being tested to help reduce ...

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