Chernarus Epilogues [DayZ Standalone]

All good series are trilogies, so it is with pleasure that I finish off my rants on and adoring ramblings of DayZ Standalone. Since last time when I posted complaining of constantly getting killed on sight I have wised up and learned a few tricks of the trade, making for some much more interesting stories to share. There was the time I was randomly recruited by a bunch of guys and eleven of us went to take on bandits in Balota. Then shortly after that I experienced the joy of glitching off some stairs to my death, followed by the joy of respawning, being held up by a bandit, being unexpectedly released, and then having some sniper on a hill take random potshots of me – amazingly enough, I survived all of that as well.


The great thing about this game is that everyone is still really enthusiastic, not least of all the developers – DayZ is only one of several early access games I have in my library, yet I see updates for DayZ downloading almost every week whereas other games can have weeks between their updates – while this may be because they’re putting more time into their updates or releasing bigger updates on a more spread out timescale, every DayZ patch adds something new to get excited about and play around with. I think having regular updates – combined with the good sides of the community (because no community is perfect, especially in gaming) has really helped DayZ gain the amount of players (just over 1.5 million at the time of writing) that is has.

So to end on a little story that kind of epitomizes my experience with DayZ so far, here is what happened earlier today.

My friend sent me a Steam message that simply read “DayZ?” to which my answer is always YES. I’m pretty sure we could be in the middle of a real zombie apocalypse and I would still be able to make time to play some DayZ. So we hopped on Skype and began the trek to meet up in-game, me somewhere in the south of the map and him up on the north-east coast. We ran into each other in a town where we picked up some food and drinks to see us through our journey. The plan was to go up to the North West Airfield and see what we would find. It was a pretty cool trip, including my first time actually trying out a gun on a couple of zombies – a lot of fun, and something I hadn’t tried before in the interest of not making a noise to stay sneaky and the conservation of ammo – and also my friend making an impressive shot on a zombie from a good distance away.

can you even see the zombie? Me neither, but it's down there somewhere.

can you even see the zombie? Me neither, but it’s down there somewhere.

We also heard gunshots and saw signs of other, potentially hostile, players but we didn’t come across anyone else. Eventually we made it up to some buildings on the edge of the airfield and began having a look around. And then I glitched off the side of a building, because this game is still in alpha and sometimes you just have to deal with glitching to your death. It’s still less annoying than being shot at when you clearly don’t have any gear.



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