Child of Light review

The title, Child of Light, seems like that of a serious video game. Almost like a person is tasked with the responsibility of rescuing or saving something or someone. Well, this assumption isn’t that far off from what the video game is: saving someone you care about.

Child of Light is the creation from the talented team of Ubisoft Montréal using the UbiArt Framework. The video game is an RPG that is inspired by fairy tales. Throughout the game, the player will see different aspects of fairy tales that we grew up with as children. For example, there are dragons and monsters.  The game is full of adventure and takes the player on a journey through the mystical environments of this 2D creation.

The 2D approach seems fitting for this game. The game focuses more on the storyline than that of the gameplay. Remember Journey (the game, not the band)? Well, Child of Light is kind of like that. Ubisoft did a great  job of pulling off such amazing graphics with 2D.

Now, the storytelling of the game is a whole different concept. The storytelling is in the form of a very long poem. It’s like an epic poem (you all took English Comp, right?) with rhymes and verses. It’s a nice break from the dark and brooding narration that most games have. With Child of Light, the player gets a more playful voice throughout the game.

The story starts out in a kingdom called, Lemuria. This where the storyline comes in. The Dark Queen (there’s always one of those) has just stolen the Sun, Moon, and the Stars. This is starting to sound like an astronomy lesson. Ok, so this where Aurora, the princess daughter of a duke, comes in to save the day, err the kingdom.

But of course what is a rescue mission/ journey without some companionship to help you along the way. Aurora’s companion is in the form of a firefly named Igniculus and others that she meets on the way.

The combat is simple enough. The game uses an Active-Time Battle System. The player defeats the enemies by using the abilities and powers of Aurora’s friends. But, Aurora has a sword if all else fails. The multiplayer concept of the game is interesting. The firefly can be controlled by another player if you want. That way, everyone can play together.

So, if this game seems like something for you, the game is set to release April 30th 2014 for every gaming  console.



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