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Dark Souls 2 Gets A Release Date

You thought that you were safe didn’t you? You’re sitting there on your couch, feeling good about yourself because you beat Dark Souls and are now playing through New Game ++++++++. Well, come March, Dark Souls 2 will knock you down a couple pegs.

That’s right; Dark Souls 2 has an official release date. March 11, 2014 to be precise. As per usual, you will die early and often. But any seasoned Dark Souls, or Demon Souls player knows that by now. That these games are more acts of attrition than a game that will hold your hand all the way to the end. Dark Souls 2 appears no different in that regard. It looks even more sadistic than ever as a matter of fact.

The word coming out of Tokyo Game Show this week is that Dark Souls 2 is taking away one of the mechanics the players have taken for granted while playing. The little torch that hangs from the player’s waist, the one that gives you at least a little bit of light in an otherwise completely pitch black room? Yeah, it’s gone. Poof. No more handy dandy light. Instead, you may carry a torch around from you that is lit when you rest at a bonfire. Seems reasonable, right? Did I mention that the torch is about the size of a broad sword, you must equip it like a shield, and that once you drop in favor of said shield you cannot light the torch again until a reach a bonfire? Yeah, the guys at From Software are slightly sadistic, and I personally love them for it. This new torch mechanic adds a new level of strategy to the proceedings that will lead to frustration, controller chucking, and stronger feelings of accomplishment when you finally get through a particularly difficult section.

Does March 11, 2014 sound like an unbearable wait to die innumerable times? You’re in luck my sadomasochistic friends! A beta for the PS3 and Xbox360 versions of Dark Souls 2 is due out in mid October. The beta is expected to take about 90 minutes to finish and there will be two bosses included to make you feel even worse about how you play the game. Now excuse me while I go attempt to finish Dark Souls without crying manly tears of despair, frustration and heartache.

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