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Downloadable Games Reign Supreme

I wrote an article detailing my personal top 5 PSN games yesterday, a quick rundown of the downloadable games that have a fantastically nasty habit of eating away hours of my time without even realizing it. While I still have my go-to disc based games that I play when I want, it seems that I’m being drawn more to the smaller, indie games offered on the PSN because, they’re just simply more varied and fun.

One reason for the shift towards more downloadable titles stems from the staggering levels of creativity coming from these studios.  These studios take more chances with gameplay, style, and content because the creators do not have stuffy bigwig CEO’s that only think Call of Duty clones sell to combat. Games like Flower, and Journey aim to change the way that people view gaming as a medium, and were only possible through the digital distribution. Off-beat and wildly original IP’s like these two would not have been made a big studio like Activision or EA, simple because of the financial aspect. Those studios have to do whatever ever they can to make sure that each game they put out reaches its fullest fiscal potential. The smaller studios possess the ability to take chances because that is where they will stand out from the crowd, by doing something different and stretching the definition of what a videogame can become.

The downloadable marketplace is flush with games that find ways to alter the perception of videogame culture. These games continue to be a major focus for both Sony and Microsoft as the next generation of consoles come onto the scene come the holiday season. Now it’s just a matter of waiting to see if the next generation of gaming will continue the tradition of downloadable titles pushing the limits and altering expectations or if a new trend emerges that no one can yet perceive.

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