DVSDS Part 5: Blighttown Is Evil

I recently talked to a friend of mine about why he never played Demon Souls or Dark Souls. His response was simple and after my stalled journey through Blighttown, made a whole lot of sense. “I don’t hate myself enough to subject me to that game.” Insert various expletives throughout that sentence for the proper effect. He has a point thought. This game doesn’t pull punches, it doesn’t hold your hand and to actually succeed you have to put yourself through absolute hell. My personal hell you ask? Blighttown.

Blighttown is a holdover area from Demon Souls. It truly is one of the most diabolical areas ever devised throughout gaming history, and Blighttown received a makeover for Dark Souls. Blighttown is populated by some of the toughest enemies I have encountered so far. Infested Barbarians have become the bane of my existence. These tough buggers that usually wield big clubs and like to hang out in groups can be found throughout Blighttown and the ones that you find one on one? Yeah, that usually only happens when you traversing elevated platforms and have roughly 20 square feet of space to work with. These barbarians are only a small part of the problem. There are two other drawbacks that exacerbate the experience. The poison lake and the sincere lack of bonfires happen to be even bigger pains.

The poison lake at the bottom of Blighttown makes life hell. Bypassing the fact that the poison part is self-explanatory, the lake area has one rather annoying enemy type. The cragspider. Let me paint you a picture of this creature. Take an overgrown spider. Add the ability to spray fire. Oh and before I forget…THEY CAN FREAKIN’ FLY. Flying Spiders that shoot fire, and there’s at least 15 of them running around Blighttown. They are the stuff nightmares are made of. Fighting them, the occasional infested barbarians, and a lake where if you stay in it too long you contract poison? That alone would send most gamers running in the other direction. But I plowed ahead. Until I realized that I couldn’t find the next damn bonfire. Running low on Estus flasks, humanities, and arrows, I made a judgment call. Either press onward towards certain doom or climb up this random sawmill structure on one side of the map. I decided to push forward. Ran into 3 crag spiders and 2 infested barbarians throwing giant boulders at my head and I ran away as fast the controller could take me. Then, I went up the sawmill wheel and traversed the structure.

There is still no sign of a bonfire. Then I found another barbarian. Took him down and then turned the corner and looked up the corridor he was guarding. And saw one more barbarian. I tried to slowly back away without triggering an encounter. But this is Dark Souls, its never that easy. He has a friend, right around the corner. I’ll spare you the details, but it ended with death, despair, 2 tables flips and a thrown controller.

Ever since, I haven’t had the same desire to play. I think I have hit the point in Dark Souls where you have to make a choice. Either continue to push onward and continue to completely hate yourself in the process. Or, put the game back in the case and get a new game that won’t make you like an inferior gamer just for kicks. We’ll see how that pans out in the coming week. We’ll either have another edition of Danno VS Dark Souls, or its going to be Danno VS something completely new. Till next time my friends.


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  1. Alyssia Melinda Ann Jarvis says:

    Urgh dude I JUST got to the bottom of Blighttown after being lost in the top levels for ages. Then I saw the mosquitoes and stuff with too many legs…. nope nope nope.

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