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False Rumor or Not, Mario Kart 8 Needs a Track Editor

There’s a rumor going around that Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U will feature not only customizable karts/bikes/hovercraft things, but also include a track editor.  If that’s the case, then Nintendo might finally be wising up a little bit and listening to the rest of the world.  Of course, it’s just a rumor.  A rumor that has no validity.

The news about the possible inclusion of custom tracks came about when someone noticed the product description at NewEgg.  The listing reads:

“Mario Kart 8 Wii U is a new game for the Wii U. It features new elements such as customizing bikes and designing your own tracks. It is the sequel to the game Mario Kart 7.”

By the time of this posting, however, the product description at NewEgg has already been changed, and the original product description never came from Nintendo.  The way it looks right now definitely seems to be pointing that this rumor is false, and most likely a mistake made by whoever wrote the game’s description.

The problem is that whoever wrote that description probably unknowingly assumed that the game would have that feature, and rightfully so!  This day and age it’s not unreasonable to assume that a game like that would have a community focused feature like that.  To be blunt, Mario Kart 8 should have this feature.  If the rumor is false, like many are assuming, then Mario Kart 8 is yet again missing the mark in terms of capturing an audience and keeping them glued to their console.

Mario Kart is a Nintendo staple and you’d be hard pressed to find someone who absolutely hates it.  It’s a fun game; always has been, and probably still will be in its eighth iteration.  But Nintendo needs to not only draw people in to sell consoles, but also make it look like it’s worth their while to stick around.  A perfect way to keep a game fresh is let the community toy around with their own creations.

User generated content and user created experiences is Hansel, so hot right now.  Look at the Minecrafts, Disney Infinities, and Little Big Planets; it’s all the rage.  Little Big Planet even has a cart racer, with a primary focus on user generated content!  Nintendo has been Karting since 1992 and there is still no editor in site.  I mean, it took them 11 years to allow any type of customization at all.  Why doesn’t Nintendo pick up on this?  They’re trapped in their own world of “doing things their own ways”, and it’s going to continue to hurt them until they listen to what people want.  I want the rumors to be true so bad that it hurts.  Mario Kart 8 is going to be fun, I’m sure of it.  I’ll play it for a few weeks and then shelf it until I have people over that want to play it; just like the last few games of the series.  Nintendo is still in the lead with their cart racing series, but they’re firing off a blue shell at themselves.

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