Final Fantasy X-3 Entirely Possible

Warning: This article will contain spoilers regarding the unreleased book Final Fantasy X-2 Ultimania.

Final Fantasy X, one of the highest rated Final Fantasy games has been getting a lot of love lately. The new HD remasters have hit the shelves and have sold relatively well. Ever since Square Enix announced the remasters there has been a lot of hype, which still continues in the countries that encompass the PAL region. Not only has it been released for the PS3 but it’s also being released on the Vita, giving the system some much needed love. Square Enix is well known for their re-releasing of games, especially their flagship product the Final Fantasy series. However this has been the first remaster of the 3D games (every main line final fantasy past VII), which is really what got people excited.

Alongside the release of the Final Fantasy X+X-2 remasters is a (currently) Japanese only book known by the name Final Fantasy X-2 Ultimania. This book is a direct sequel to Final Fantasy X-2. Which if you’ve played the game to completion will raise an eyebrow. For those of you who haven’t beaten Final Fantasy X-2 there were multiple endings depending on how you played the game, the book follows the secret hard to obtain “true-good” ending in which Tidus is allowed to remain within the realm of Spira. The interesting thing about the book is how it ends. 

The premise of the book is that both Tidus and Yuna are trapped on an island. Not long into the book Tidus mistakes a bomb for a blitzball and is blown up. A sage that lives on the island manages to bring him back to life, but Yuna feels that he is no longer the same and breaks up with him. However along side resurrecting Tidus she also resurrected Sin, the primary villain of the series. This leaves a convenient plot point in which Final Fantasy X-3 could come in.

Of course this isn’t just speculation, the writer of Final Fantasy X, Kazushige Nojima,  said in an interview that if there was enough demand generated for it, he would like to make a Final Fantasy X-3. It’s safe to assume that he doesn’t just mean a public outcry for X-3. If the HD remasters and the book don’t sell well enough then Square Enix will probably assume that people are over Final Fantasy X and would rather move on.


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    man I really hope the third game happens!

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