Gaming During Finals Week

There comes a time in every college students’ life where we experience Finals Week; and we hate it. Due to the stress and studying at all times of the day and night (mostly nights because procrastination is an everyday occurrence). Ok, so basically this post is about how to survive Finals Week while still being able to play video games.

How this system is to work is by using your time wisely. If you feel like you need a break from studying, perfect. Time for a gamie (a quickie game session).

1. Portable Consoles: This is what our PSPs, DSs and Vitas have been waiting for. Make sure they are all charged and ready for use because do to the restriction on fun and gaming, Finals Week will leave you only time for studying.

2. Apple Devices: This means get your iPods, iPhones, etc. The reason why these devices are important is because sometimes you get to the exam room location early. You get bored and BAM! Now, you have entertainment. Basically, this is what you do to get in a gamie (it’ll catch on).

3. Apps, Apps, Apps: This is where apps play a crucial part in the gamie strategy. Yes, it is a strategy. Apps are now more important than ever. Get all those apps that interest you. Make sure it’s free of course, because remember, we are broke as the word can take us here. Gotta make that gamie free.

Ok, this is the three step way to survive the dreaded Finals Week. Enjoy and good luck!!



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