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InFamous:Second Son Looks Better Each Time I See It

InFamous became a revelation on the PlayStation 3 when it first came out in 2009. Combining an open world sandbox and the superhero genre seemed like a no brainer, but until InFamous came around successfully combining the two was near impossible. The success of the first game spawned a direct sequel and downloadable standalone game, and now as launch window title for the upcoming PlayStation 4. InFamous: Second Son looks to continue the tradition set forth by the adventures of Cole McGrath, but with an entirely new cast.

From the trailers for InFamous: Second Son one thing becomes clear; Cole McGrath is nowhere in sight. In his stead, Deslin Rowe takes over as main protagonist/anti-hero depending on which karma path you choose. With every new trailer Sucker Punch delivers, the more excited I get. Second Son looks like it takes everything about InFamous 1, 2 and Festival of Blood that worked and turns it up to eleven. Deslin also appears to have a bit more personality than Cole ever displayed. As much as I loved the first 3 games, I always though Cole could use an extra dose of something to make him a truly compelling hero/anti-hero.

Not much is known about the story beyond that it picks up a few years after the InFamous 2 good ending. All conduits are labeled as “bio-terrorists” after the events of the first two games and there hunted. All we need are giant purple robots and then we could have the X-Men: Days of Futures Past game you know you always wanted.

Personally, I cannot wait to see where the story goes now that it appears the main storyline from the first two games ran its course. I’m hoping it runs deeper than the conduits VS the government tid-bits that Sucker Punch has given out so far. Knowing Sucker Punch, they probably have a couple story surprises hidden up their sleeve. Until the game drops next February, I’ll be playing through all things InFamous to fill that void in my soul.

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