Madden NFL: Celebrating 25 years of Touchdowns

As I was strolling through the Internet for things to do in NYC, I saw that there will an exhibition this Saturday. The exhibition will be held at the Museum of Moving Pictures. Yeah!!! You get to be surrounded by video games and culture. Best of both worlds have finally come together- at least until February 23.

We all know that the Museum of Moving Pictures is completely obsessed with video games. Don’t believe me? Go to their website and look for yourself. Done? Ok, so the exhibition is in honor of  the Madden NFL video game franchise celebrating 25 years of playing football through video games. One of the most active sports, are played by doing the most sedentary thing- sitting down with a controller. HA HA!! We (gamers) will always find a way around the physical aspect in everything; Madden NFL is no exception.

So, basically all attendees of tomorrow’s exhibition will have the chance to play the first Madden NFL game (1988). Of course, there will also be the latest Madden NFL (25) being shown of a projector. You can’t play, but you watch it and plan on buying. It’s better than nothing.

Now, in honor of Madden NFL turning 25, I will be going through 25 years video game football. Sorry, American Football. If you’re looking for soccer, you are sadly mistaken. I’ll be listed the games that made the most changes in the franchise. Here we go:

1. 1988: The very first Madden NFL was created by Bethesda (thanks to its physics engine). It debuted for the Apple II series of computers.

2. 1990: This time EA was the publisher of the game (all up to today). The consoles used were Genesis and SNES.

4. 1992: This game came with the ability to use instant replay,  two-player cooperative play, quarterback injuries, review and overturn pass interference calls, and more audibles. There are also new play modes, such as pre-season games, regular season games, playoffs, and sudden death. The console used was Genesis.

5. 1996-2007: The franchise were still playable on Windows. Of course, the graphics amazing and the box art for the games were different. Until this point, all the box art were of John Madden himself. The AI was better improved (two-minute drills efficiency). You could also now play online. The 2007 game was the last to feature NFL Europe. The consoles every single one for those 11 years (PS family, Gameboy family, etc.).

6. 2008-Present: Here we have a lot changes. The franchise now had soundtracks in the games. The technology improved. To be able to capture everything aspect of football and the players, Motion Capture was used. Also, more players were given the chance to be the cover for the game.

There you have it. Crash course of the Madden NFL history. Hope you enjoyed and if you can, go check the exhibition.



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