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Can you change your stars? It’s a question that everyone wonders from time to time. Heck, it even makes a good story, in fact, many- if not most- stories come from that one simple idea. The idea of changing ones fate.

Marilyn is a movie created by Christopher Petry, starring Allison Mack (of Smallville fame) and Ryan Robbins (of Falling Skies fame). The movie opens up with a bank heist, where a man by the name of Michael Grant gets away with a lot of money by jumping off of a bridge into a river. This little scene seems kind of pointless when right after the big splash hits and the title of the movie shows you are instantly in a brand new scene, but not of the bank robber. No. Instead it is of a young girl, by the name of Marilyn, who is about to be raped by some dirty trucker looking for a good time.

As you may have guessed, fate through Michael and Marilyn together. In their time together they began to bond, and Michael- the bank robber- essentially reforms Marilyn from her former ways of sleeping around to get what she wants. The entire movie revolves around Marilyn- as it should, considering her name is the movie’s title- and how her life took to extremely hard times, but after running into Michael she discovers her dream and falls in love. While this is not your typical love movie, you get to witness actual character development as it happens. You get to watch Marilyn grow into the person she was meant to be, and you get to watch Michael fall in love with Marilyn, plan and pull off another heist and… well, you’ll just have to watch the movie in order to see how it ends.

In my opinion, this movie was unique in a variety of ways. For one instance we can look at it’s cinematography. The film has grain to it. Actual grain. Of course, it was a low budget, indie film that snuck under the noses of many. The story was one that is different. Two people with corrupt lives being thrown together by fate and making each other better people and falling in love. Let’s just say, it’s no Bonnie and Clyde. Also, the music is unique to the film itself. It has southern roots, but in no way is it fully southern. Each song fit the scene it was in perfectly. Do I think it was a good movie? Hell yes, one that I plan to watch many more times in this lifetime. Should you give it a try? Yes. Though I must warn you, it’s not full of action. It’s mostly a character development story, turned romance.


EDIT: If you are interested in seeing this film, follow this link to rent or download.

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