Microsoft’s IllumiRoom More Detailed.

Remember when Microsoft unveiled the amazing IllumiRoom concept
projector a few months back? Everyone and their mother loved
the idea of having a holodeck in their living room and have been
eagerly awaiting more details. Well, about that mass-produced 3-D
holographic gaming experience coming to your living room anytime
soon. Unsurprisingly, this would cost a fortune.

Here’s a little refresher course on the IllumiRoom. The basic concept
consists of taking elements from the gameplay experience and
enhancing it through the projector. Effects such as explosions, depth
perception, the muzzle flashes from guns, and other flourishes
would come to life via the IllumiRoom projector. The projector would
function as a regular video projector would; once you mount it and
hook it up to the device of your choice the fun begins. There is just
one small problem- the whole system would cost way too much
money to mass-produce it and make a profit.

Projections from Microsoft researchers peg the whole system as
costing thousands of dollars to set up. Which is fine and dandy when
you work for Microsoft and it’s a working prototype. However, when
you’re the average Joe looking to get the shiniest new toy for the new
Xbox One, paying roughly double what you paid for the system for a
peripheral is ever so slightly ridiculous.

The IllumiRoom as a concept offers a new level of immersion that
would decidedly set the Xbox One apart from all the competition.
Maybe in a couple years when the technology becomes more
widespread and the price drops significantly, that dream will become
a reality. In the meantime, the next gen console war will be won and
lost based on the quality of the games and how the market responds
to the social components of each system. For now, the IllumiRoom
will remain just another part of our collective, vivid imaginations.



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