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Mortal Kombat Experiences a Resurgence.

Mortal Kombat experienced a popularity surge in recent years. With the release of Mortal Kombat 9, the franchise recaptured the bloody form that fans became accustomed to over the years. However, MK9 may never have seen the light of day if not for the online mini-movie/trailer/proof of concept Mortal Kombat: Rebirth by Kevin Tancharoen. From that one short, Tancharoen brought the world Mortal Kombat: Legacy, a web series that brought a more grounded, grittier take Mortal Kombat lore. After a successful first season of Legacy, Tancharoen and company debuted season 2 today on the Machinima YouTube channel.

The first season of Legacy dealt with establishing the more realistic tone for Tancharoen’s vision for Mortal Kombat. Season 2 is all about getting the tournament underway and watching the bloody chaos ensue. Fan favorites Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Liu Kang, Johnny Cage, Shang Tsung and more step into the spotlight this time around. For the record, Casper Van Dien as Johnny Cage might be the single best case of casting I have ever seen. Johnny Rico as Johnny Cage? You really cannot get any better than that. The actual combat in the 10 episodes is truly top-notch quality. Each fight jumps off the screen and the increased special effects budget helps bring the more fantastical elements of each character’s fighting style to life. Did I mention that the signature fatalities make a gloriously bloody comeback? No? Well they do. While some might complain that the cartoonish nature of the

If I have one complaint about Legacy II it’s the length. Each episode averages out to be about 8-10 minutes long, the exception being the season finale, which is about 15 minutes. The shortened length means that there is multiple times where some plot points are glossed over so the action can resume. For those with a working knowledge of Mortal Kombat, you can fill in the gaps a little bit but for the uninitiated, the transitions can be rather clunky. Unfortunately, this is a limitation that comes with being a web series. The content comes in more manageable chunks, and encourages marathon-viewing sessions. Hopefully with the continued success of Legacy, a new Mortal Kombat movie could be in the cards. Talks about a new movie franchise have picked up steam since the start of Legacy, and it appears that the studio has tapped Tancharoen to develop the project. Time will tell if that pans out, in the meantime fans will have to wait for Legacy season 3 to continue the Mortal Kombat story. Or play Mortal Kombat 9. That will always be a suitable option.


Catch Season 2 of Mortal Kombat: Legacy on Machinima’s YouTube channel right now. You know you want to marathon it right now.

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