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Square Enix has had quite a busy year. Busy but also successful. First we had Deus Ex, Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, etc. The result? All of the video games have been hugely successful and critically acclaimed. Now, Square Enix can add another game to their list of great video games.

Square Enix’s latest project is called, Murdered: Soul Suspect. Has a chillingly title doesn’t it? For this video game, Square Enix had some help. They went with a mystery game, but with Die Hard roots attached to the game. Seems interesting so far.

Basically, the video game character (Ronan O’Connor) is a cop and has the same determination as the 1988′s movie character. Difference is, Ronan is dead. But, he still very determined to do his job. The game’s main objective is solve Ronan’s (you) murder. How? A killer attacks him and it sends Ronan falling to his death from a 4th floor building. Ouch.

The game takes place in Salem, Massachusetts. Seems fitting with all of the game’s chilling and mysterious qualities. But, anyway…

The game leads the player to be able to experience the investigative process of solving a murder. For example, think of the video game, L.A. Noire. But, scarier. Ronan is now a ghost detective. Meaning that no one can see him or hear him. So, what can Ronan do? Possess other people’s bodies of course! Ronan has to rely on eavesdropping on others to be able to piece together his murder.

As Ronan gets closer to others, there will be questions above him. For example, “What do I know that the cops don’t”, is one of the questions that Ronan asks himself. There also other captions like that one to help guide the player in the right direction.  Now, once Ronan possess a body, the player is able to see through that person’s eyes. It makes searching for closer a little easier; and cooler.

Ronan is also able to obtain concealed memories. How? Once you possess someone, you are able to pass your own thoughts through the body. That way, you are able to move the cops in the right direction to finding your killer. See, there’s one way to communicate with the living.

Now, comes the romantic aspect of the video game. Ronan lost his beloved. Well, now that his dead, he can reunite with her. Right? Nope. Ronan can’t move on until he finds his killer. Only until then can he find peace. Typical.

Now, the video game will be available on PS4, Xbox One and on PC. Below is a trailer for Murdered: Soul Suspect. Enjoy!



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