New Tony Hawk Video Game

Remember when you were younger and you spent hours on end glued to your video game console? For most of us, the game that we were glued to was the Tony Hawk Pro Skater video games. What wasn’t to love? The game featured incredible, graphics, and a great soundtrack that seems ahead of its time. The game was everything to us.

After almost four years without a new game, the franchise is coming back! It has been confirmed by Tony Hawk that there will be a video game in the works. While he was on the air with his Demolition radio, Tony Hawk stated this,

We’re working on a game, we are working on a game, it’s pretty cool.

He even mentioned motion capturing during the interview.

The new video game will of course be published by Activision. Here is a statement from Activision,

…something in the works.

Very ominous. Activision did promise to release more information soon. Activision and Tony Hawk have a very long history together. It started back in 1999 with the success of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. The sales were great, so Activision went on to create more sequels for the franchise. This began the Pro Skater era of the late 90s and early 2000s. The series did so well that Pro Skater 3 was one of the few to get a perfect 10 on the Playstation version. That’s not easy thing to accomplish, especially now. Everybody’s a critic.

The thing about cranking out so many games of the same franchise, is that gamers start to get bored. How so? The same gameplay, same structure, even the soundtrack started to sound the same. The boredom began to reflect in the sales; which is what the video industry really cares about.

But, unfortunately, like most eras, it came to an end. Sales began to drop with each new game. Why? Maybe gamers were getting bored. Maybe what the franchise really does need motion capture to breathe life back into the Pro Skater video games.

The twist here is that the latest video game may not even be a console game. It’ll probably be a mobile game. Here is what Tony Hawk has to say about mobile gaming,

“It used to just be Nintendo and PlayStation, and now it’s all kind of devices. So you’ve got to learn to adapt what you know from the technology into those areas…I’ve been wanting to do a mobile game for a long time.”

Now, we just sit back and see what happens.



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