Nintendo: Third Party Hardware Company Needed

I love Nintendo and own a Wii U myself, as I have told people in many posts before this. However, when looking at the Wii U against the upcoming systems, it is just not as powerful as the competition. The gap isn’t as big as as the one between the Wii and the Xbox 360 and PS3, but the there is still not as much horsepower under the hood as some think is needed. Is it time for Nintendo to look to a third party company to help develop a stronger system?

As anyone in gaming community knows, both Microsoft and Sony are both large companies away from their gaming systems, developing all kinds of technology from TVs, to Blu-Ray Players, and even the Operating System for that PC you bought. In this sense, they have a very large edge over the Japanese game company that only works with Video Game Consoles and Games.

Just to give a hypothetical, not to even say that this would actually happen, but what if Nintendo partnered with a company like Apple? Apple to build the console and Nintendo to provide the content that would be released? Being one of the largest companies in the world, I’m sure Apple would be able to give you a system that would rival that of Microsoft or Sony. The question is, would Nintendo ever do it?

One of my largest fears as a gaming enthusiast is that Nintendo will collapse as a console maker. Being the first worldwide recognized home console(sorry Atari, Coleco, etc) it may be part nostalgia that makes me hold on to them for dear life, but so what? If the company brings me joy, then why not keep it? Fanboys can attack me or praise me but either way, my feeling will not change. Do you think that Nintendo should look to alternative sources to help produce a console? Let us know in the comments below!



  1. brianc6234 says:

    The Wii was a lot closer to the 360 and PS3 than the Wii U is to the PS4 and Xbone. That thing is more like the PS3 and 360. It was released two years too late. That 2GB if mediocre RAM is going to kill it. Not to mention the lousy hard drive and only having USB 2.0 for connecting an external hard drive. It just can’t compete.

    • Charles Crowe says:

      lol couldnt be more clueless. Wii u is closer to ps4x1 then wii was to ps3/360. wii wasnt even a 1.0ghz processor and ps3/360 were both 3.0 with ps3 being single core with 6spu and 360 being tri core. Now rumors suggest wii u is tri core. 3times3 is 9. ps4 doesnt have 9 cores. 850mhz times 3 is 2550.

      point is wii wasnt as powerful to last gen as wii u is to this one. btw ppc based chips do more with less power so ps4 isnt as far ahead of wii u as some fanboys think. Oh and RAM Is not power. Guess you consider Last of us to be crap right? cause it was made on hardware thats inferior to wii u in every aspect.

  2. OtakuGamer says:

    Power doesnt matter.

    The 3ds is the number 1 and outselling everything.

    The wii u is far closer to ps4 and one than you might think

    power doesnt matter

  3. Charles Crowe says:

    Sony is the one that seems to need help the most. They had two consoles they got lucky with and everything since has either failed completely PSX,Move,Home,Vita or just barely succeeded at all PSP,PS3(Which got stomped by something called Wii in every way that matters, they couldnt even release a higher rated game than an SD console.)
    Sony is in trouble. The PS4 looks like an updated Wii mixed with a lot of MS policy and the best thing they have coming are another rehash and 2 year old PC ports. They had to sell off or close a lot of their studios, even had to sell their own HQ. Their stocks are now junk status and they cant go third party because their games just dont cut it to anyone but single console owners. The Sony fanbase of 80million wont even buy 2 million copies of most of their games without heavy discounts or bundling.
    Sony is a sinking ship and i couldnt be happier. I will celebrate the day they leave the console business and take their embarrassing fan base with them

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