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Papers, Please Review

Indie games in recent years have become a staple to our gaming experiences, this game is no exception to that. Papers, Please puts you in the position of a immigration inspector in the soviet like country of Arstotzka. Your job is to inspect immigrant documents and use a various number of tools to determine whether the papers are valid and in order. You keep out spies, smugglers and even some members of terrorist groups.

At the end of each day, you will earn money based on how passports you have validated during the course of the day, but be aware that ever mistaken approval or denial will take money away from your days earnings. The money that you earn helps you pay for rent, food, and heat so that you and your family can survive in the harsh Arstotzkan society.

As the game progresses, the types of documents and rules for immigration will change based on different storyline plot twists. You, as the immigration officer will be left with moral dilemmas and even the possibility of helping an anti-government organization.

There are twenty possible endings to the game leaving plenty of replay value considering you will want to see how each of these scenarios will play out. I personally caught my self playing as a bureaucrat through my first play-through and working by the book. No helping people who have fallen on hard times, no anti-government assistance, just playing by the book.

This game truly has a lot to offer and you will find yourself playing it for hours at a time. Once again, the indie market has left me very satisfied and asking for more and if you have the money for a new game, this should be the one for you.

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