PlayStation 4 Marketed Better: This is why it will outsell Xbox One

We’ve all seen plenty of these arguments going back and forth all around the internet over the last couple of months. Well, it’s time we stuck our hands into the ring to give our opinion as to which console will reign supreme. Who is the Highlander of the Nex-Gen Wars? Simply put, PlayStation, (Let me say I have nothing against Xbox One and will probably have one myself) and here is why.

When we were first introduced to the Xbox One it left a very sour taste in a lot of peoples mouths. This is still reflected in some of the comments made by people on the internet and will certainly play a factor in the sales of the system come release time. Since then, Microsoft has rectified the issues and still some fans feel that it wouldn’t have been done if not for their outcry. But doesn’t that mean that Microsoft is paying attention to the wants of their customers? Anyway, let’s keep on topic. The price plays an important factor in the case for PlayStation, as the Xbox One is an outrageous $100 more than the PlayStation 4. Most of this is due to the mandatory involvement of the Kinect with the system. This brings me to my next point: the Kinect is a crucial part of the Nex-Gen system of Microsoft, but  fans do not really care for it and yet we are still forced to purchase something we don’t want.

Next, let’s go into what is inside each machine. We all know that both systems pack a lot of power, but which one holds the crown of being the “most powerful?” (Please note that this is the latest information that I could put together. If it  is not correct, please let me know in the comments below)

Stats  By looking at this comparison chart,  it would seem that, in terms of performance, the PlayStation 4 has once again trumped the power of the Xbox One. It almost seems unfair when you look at it like this, but we just want to point out facts that people have brought to our attention.

One place where we believe the systems to be dead even, as of right now, is in the department of exclusives. We have already written articles about both systems and just a few of the console exclusives each of them will have and, at this time, it seems as if they are neck and neck. Luckily, this means that everybody wins, because with the launch of these new consoles there will also be a very large line-up of great games coming our way and there is no way a gamer can lose there.

Once we tally up the scorecard, it seems that our winner is the PlayStation 4. Everything they have done on the way up to the launch of their console has been spot on and fans have been rejoicing the whole way through. Sony really showed that, even though PS3 did not pan out the way everyone had hoped it would, they at least listened to the fans gripes and took everything into consideration when creating this new system.

In closing, no matter where you go, whether it be with Xbox One or PlayStation 4, you are sure to get quality games and a new experience to enjoy with your friends and family. And isn’t that all that really matters, not whether the system is more powerful or graphically sophisticated? It’s about being able to sit down and enjoy a game either by yourself or with your friends. That is, after all, what the gaming world was created for all along.

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