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Well, as we all know, there is an app for everything in life. That includes the weather, games, food, artwork, and now this. This is where video games and artwork fuse together in an app for video game artwork .Does that sound redundant to you? Anyways… The app is called PIXEL. This app is available in the App Store, Google Play and in Windows.

Basically, what the app does is that it’ll turn anything into a pixelated GIF. Well, almost anything at least.

The app is specifically designed to to create a pixel art picture frame. A lot cheaper than actually buying a picture frame. You can decide which favorite video game character you want and than use the app to design it into a pixelated piece of art. How? Well, I glad you asked.

PIXEL has more than one app for different artwork. You can control the pixelated artwork through Bluetooth to your MAC or PC. There are a total of 11 apps from PIXEL. Let’s get started.

  1. PIXEL Animation: This is the main attraction at PIXEL. Anything animated becomes pixelated. This where the GIF concept comes in.
  2. PIXEL Interactive: This involves a proximity sensor and a two-way mirror (this actually involves a physical picture frame). The art changes as you get closer to it.
  3. PIXEL Art: Almost like the animation one but not quite. You can customize it by adding your own images. It even has a slideshow mode. Everyone loves a slideshow.
  4. PIXEL Weather: Makes checking weather more fun. Whatever the weather is, app shows it in pixelated animation.
  5. PIXEL Alcohol Detector: Told you there was an app for everything. This feature would require an external sensor and cable.
  6. PIXEL Message: It displays your text messages.
  7. PIXEL Halloween: It displays scary halloween images. You can use it for your next Halloween gathering.
  8. PIXEL Halloween Interactive: Again, it uses the proximity sensor. As people come closer to the two-way mirror , a scary Halloween images will pop up.
  9. PIXEL 8Ball: Get answers from the almighty 8Ball in pixel form. Told you the apps were pretty simple.
  10. PIXEL Compliments: Once again, the proximity sensor comes into play. When some comes closer, a compliment will appear. You never have to speak again. This is the future!!
  11. PIXEL Touch: anything you draw is displayed on the phone’s home screen.

This- oh sorry, these apps are amazing and fun. It makes your everyday tasks more fun for you and others.  Although the proximity sensors and two-way mirror features are little harder to come by, I still  highly recommend getting the app(s).

If you are interested the website is here,

Here is a video to give an idea of PIXEL:



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