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Retro Wednesday: Top 5 NES Games You Should Go Back And Play

Everyone remembers the classics of gaming history, which now sit in a nice case on a shelf in the most important room in your house, but what about those hidden gems that are constantly overlooked because they never got the exposure of Nintendo Power magazine? Well, now is their chance for redemption as we give you the top 5 nes games you should go back and play.

5: Journey to Silius

This game never got the world wide acclaim that it truly deserved. Journey to Silius was originally ment to be a Terminator game, but Sunsoft had lost the license and could no longer produce it as such. If this were the original Terminator, it would have been a much better game.

4: Star Force

The first Shoot’em up game I had ever played was also one of my favorites of all time. Pilot the starship Final Star and save the universe, so simple, yet so great. In 2009, they released this game on Virtual Console for the Wii so go ahead and try it out for yourself.

3: Tecmo World Wrestling

Easily the best wrestling game of the NES era. No, it didn’t have any WWF superstars like Hulk Hogan, Macho Man, or The Undertaker, but what it lacked in star power it more than made up for in gameplay. This game had more moves than any other wrestling game of the time and also had a commentator to announce play-by-play to you. This game was truly ahead of it’s time.

2: Shingen the Rule

This game ate so much of my time away when I was kid it was disturbing. If you like turn-based strategies with some historical relevance to them, this game really hit the nail on the head. Help Shingen Takeda conquer central Japan by building your army, cultivating provinces, and even training your heir to take over. This game was truly a trend setter at it’s time.

1: Uninvited

Everyone has heard of Shadowgate, if not played it at least once, but what about Uninvited? It is another point-and-click adventure with as many thrills and spills as it’s medieval counterpart. I found myself playing this game over and over again even after I beat it just to see the various ways that you could die.

Well, nobody said this one was going to be a list of blockbusters, but it is definitely a list that is worth checking out and giving yourself another chance to live those glory days. What games would you have on your top 5? Leave a comment down below!

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