Rounding Up: Ten Anime Shows to Rewatch

Here’s a list of ten of the best anime shows that really deserve a re-watch.


1930′s vintage stylings with mafia wars and lots of violence. One of the superb examples of what anime can do and where it can go beyond other forms of media. What’s not to love?

Darker Than Black

Super powers with a price, a dark mysterious feeling and an amazing soundtrack. The only thing I won’t be recommending about this is its lame second season.

Ergo Proxy

Dark, cyberpunky sci-fi, philosophy, robots and a rather unique visual style. Everything in this show fits together to create a unique experience.


A battle of teams in the war for the holy grail, amazing visuals and dynamic battles. The show really comes into its own in its second season, unlike the aforementioned Darker Than Black.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Cyborg soldiers, a futuristic city setting and truly one of the best anime shows of the early 2000′s. Add a great story and endearing characters and twelve years later this show still needs to be watched and rewatched.


The first article I ever wrote for this site and still one of the most beautiful anime shows I’ve ever seen. This fantastic re-imagining of Edo-Meiji Japan is due a second season this year and it’s well worth a rewatch or two before then.

Serial Experiments Lain and Texhnolyze

I might be cheating by including two shows in one entry, but I feel justified. I was surprised to find that I apparently haven’t reviewed Lain yet, but no matter. These are both interesting and sometimes obtuse shows, but still worth watching. It’s likely that you’ll have to watch them twice anyway just to appreciate them properly, but both of these strange slightly sci-fi, cyberpunkish and apocalyptic feeling shows only get better with another viewing.

Spice and Wolf

Medieval economics lesson meets magical girl romance in a touching and beautiful story with some of the best character interactions you’ll see in anime.


Interesting development of time travel methods, weird and wonderful characters, and another great example of character interactions.


Alexandre Dumas’ classic tale with futuristic and fantastical twists, plus some truly unique and amazing visuals.

Honorable Mentions:

Nabari no Ou (Japanese swordfighting galore), Karas (gorgeous, rivaling shows like Proxy and Fate/zero in many ways), Berserk (epic fighting and another truly classic anime).



  1. Imogen Bird says:

    I think Puella Magi Madoka Magica always deserves a watch and a rewatch. Such a good anime

    • Alyssia Melinda Ann Jarvis says:

      Have to admit, I haven’t seen Madoka yet. But then again I hear it’s better if you’ve seen at least one other magical girl anime to appreciate the deconstruction, so I might have to get round to that sometime.

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