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Picture a scenario where a gamer is searching for a game that will entertain them, surprise them or even scare them. Just searching for something different. Unfortunately, the usual keywords aren’t working anymore. Gamers are being led back to square one over and over again. Gamers back to the same spot: without a new game to play.

We’ve all been there, where gamers search high and low for the perfect game. Gamer will go into stores that we wouldn’t look at twice if the situation was different. But, this calls for drastic measures!! When it comes to gaming, gamers are deadly serious.

When it comes to searching for video games, we tend to come up short. Google and keywords can only go such a long way. Trust me, I’ve searched through the internet in search of the perfect video game. Most times I’ve been unsuccessful.

Luckily for gamers there, a solution has arrived.

Steam has introduced user created tags. Meaning? Why, I’m glad you asked. This new feature means that gamers can now filter content and be able to recommend the content to others looking for the same video game. The process of tagging is very easy. You tag games or software with the appropriate tag that seems to fit the description. All you have to do is type in a tag in the “Tags” box. Simple enough, right?

If you find some of the tags a little boring, you can always add a different concept to the tags. You can themes or other keywords. For example, instead of “action”, you can type in “epic”. You can even type in questions as a tag for a video game or software. There are no rules when comes to Steam’s new tagging system. It kind of makes it more fun and more creative.

The system is able to help gamers out there look for a game to enjoy, to actually find that game with ease. Instead of having to scour the internet for hours on end and getting frustrated (I’m not the only that this has happened to), they just head over to Steam.

Once Steam is able to gather enough data from gamer activity and the various popular tags, Steam will be able to improve the recommendation system. It takes a gaming village to search for the perfect video game. That way, different gaming communities can find new definitions of what they love to play.



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