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Skullgirls to return to PSN and Xbox live

After having it’s support from Konami withdrawn last december due to Lab Zero cutting connections with Konami, Skullgirls was withdrawn from the PSN and Xbox live. But on the 11th of February,  it shall be returning to the PlayStation Network in the US under the name Skullgirls Encore. But don’t worry guys, if you bought the original Skullgirls you will get Skullgirls Encore for free! But due to Encore being a new game, Achievements, downloadable content, leader boards and gamesaves will sadly not be transferable.  E.U. PlayStation Network users should be getting the week after, but the developer has said ‘no guarantees.’

A release date for Skullgirls Encore on Xbox Live hasn’t been announced, but the developer has said it should be submitted for Xbox Live next week, due to some ‘Political wrangling’ as the Xbox live version was more complicated than the Playstation release. This release, unlike the Playstation release will simply be a patch of the original game, instead of a whole new release.  The PC version remained on steam due to being released by a different publisher and so is completely unaffected by the changes.

But with this new release comes a free character, Squigly! This undead cutie comes with her ‘good little dragon monster’ parasite Leviathan,  who does almost all of the attacking.

Lastly, two things that the developers have said that every fan should see.

Please, don’t talk shit about Konami online. It isn’t going to change anything, makes us look bad, and makes them think that they’ve made the right decision. Nothing good will be achieved by ripping into the powerless intern managing Konami’s twitter account, etc.

If you want to buy a copy of the game to help support Lab Zero, buy the Steam version. The PS3 and 360 versions won’t result in any extra money for L0 at this point, and Konami gets a cut from those.

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