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Smartwatch Mania! Galaxy Gear Incoming

Ever since the Pebble debuted on Kickstarter a year ago, the idea of a smartwatch has been at the forefront of where technology could go. There have been other smartwatches, but the Pebble became the first to capture the cool, streamlined look that people want out of their tech. Now that the Pebble has hit the market and is available in a Best Buy near you, it would only make sense that other big name brands would jump into the smartwatch game. Enter Samsung.

Samsung stands poised to debut their Galaxy Gear smartwatch next month at the IFA consumer electronics trade show in Berlin. The Galaxy Gear will most likely be ready for distribution by the winter. The question of course is just how useful will a smartwatch be in everyday life?

The basic concept behind the smartwatch is to sync the watch with your phone wirelessly and then have any notifications from the phone go to watch. Thus, cutting down on unnecessary phone checks throughout the day. An app store appears likely for the smartwatch, in the case of Galaxy Gear logic dictates the Play Store. It will be interesting to see what kind of apps will be available for and how the user interface operates.

Personally, I cannot wait to see what Samsung has in store with this smartwatch. The potential market for smartwatches could mean millions of new revenue and new shiny tech toys for the rest of us. How successful and wide spread adoption of the product will be depends entirely on how the smartwatch and phone interact with each other, the apps available, and on a superficial level, how the watch looks. Aesthetics are a major factor in any product taking off with the public at large. We will find out just how the world at large will respond come the holiday season.


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