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Soundsupply Drops New Change on the Music Industry

The digital distribution phenomenon changed the music industry. Entire catalogs of artists became available for download at the touch of a button. The Internet makes discovering new music a walk in the park for anyone with a computer. However, the same problem that has plagued the music industry still persists in the digital space; the artists are still the last to get paid. Different music streaming services have tried to put more money into the pockets of more parties involved, but its still a crap shoot. That’s what makes the website Soundsupply such a different beast.

Soundsupply offers customers the opportunity to purchase weekly “drops.” Drops are a collection of 10 albums, usually organized around a specific theme. Different artists participate in Soundsupply and are most importantly compensated the way they should. Soundsupply’s primary goals consist of introducing up and coming and established artists a new outlet for their music, as well as putting more money into the pocket of the artists. This movement has recently gained speed as the digital distribution of content has gained more traction in recent years. Digital distribution enables more potential customers to be exposed to the new content, as well provide customers with the chance to purchase the songs on the spot. Instant downloads and streaming changed the way that people interact and experience musical discovery. With that change, comes change with how artists are compensated. Soundsupply aims to put a higher percentage of the take into their respective bank accounts.

Soundsupply offers up a unique alternative to finding new and exciting musical artists that you would otherwise overlook. Each drop provides a unique experience for the insanely affordable price of 15 bucks a pop. Of course there is one slight catch. Each drop is only available for 10 days at a time. So you’ll have to jump on any given drop fairly quickly. Before you ask, its worth it, for the most part. There will always be clash of tastes, but most of the artists included in the drops will appeal to a wide and diverse audience.

If Soundsupply sustains and builds upon its growth, the music industry will continue to evolve with the times and in the end, it’s the fans and consumers that wind up winning.

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