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All Superheroes Must Die

All Superheroes Must Die, written and directed by Jason Trott, is about four superheroes whose superpowers were nullified by an injection by the notorious “Rickshaw” and were left in an abandoned town. But why did Rickshaw leave the four superheroes in this town with no superpowers? Simply put, Rickshaw is their arch nemesis and is tired of losing, thus he set up a series of “missions” to test the superheroes with the ultimate goal of death.

Each superhero (Charge, Shadow, Cutthroat, and The Wall) has been injected with a mysterious serum that nullifies their individual superpowers (Shadow= Invisibility, Cutthroat= Speed, The Wall= Indestructable/Super Strength, Charge= Strength). Though each of these superheroes were abducted and injected, throughout the movie it is apparent that Charge was not affected.

Rickshaw runs this elaborate death competition in order to eliminate his super powered foes. You see, he is tired of losing, and for once wants to see how it feels to win. So he has designed an elaborate, and very deadly, series of tasks with the goal for the superheroes to survive and save the innocent lives that are strapped to explosives, however, Rickshaw has a plan to pull the rug out from under the superheroes feet at every turn.

The movie is action packed with an immense twist at the end. If you’re looking for a different type of superhero movie, one where it exploits the weaknesses of those “so-called” superheroes, than this is definitely a movie I would suggest.

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