Ten Features that should be included in every “Smartphone” for 2014

The end of 2013 is near. As we make our way into the 2014 year, it is painstakingly obvious that all of the smartphone companies will be in a competition of bigger and better cell phones. This year we have seen advancements from Samsung, Apple, as well as a boatload of other companies. So, here I am to give you my list of the top ten features that I believe should be in every smartphone for 2014.

10) Active Proof
Active Proof is what the S4 has created with the Samsung S4 Active. It makes the smartphone able to take a beating whether it be water resistant, or dirt resistant. This phone is the foremost device for an active lifestyle.

9) Bigger Screens
As 2013 has shown, big screens are in. The S4 has a large screen, the 5 and 5s from Apple have big screens. It’s what is on demand! The day will come when the screen is all you see. The speaker will be built in to the screen as will the mic, and the camera will be on the back, but it will happen. And speaking of camera…

8) Better Cameras
Better Cameras are out there. With the Nokia Lumia, smartphones have to play catch up to get WAY better when it comes to cameras. In fact, with the advance camera in the Lumia, many digital grade cameras need to play catch up. It’s what most smartphone users want/need. A better camera.

7) Forward Facing Speakers
When people use apps such as Instagram video, Snapchat, Vine, Youtube, or any other media outlet that uses the speaker of ones smartphone, they run into the problem of sound. Most phones have back facing speakers. With the HTC One, that problem was solved. Shouldn’t that be available on all smartphones though?

6) Slim Design
Sleak is sexy. That’s all there is to it. Motorola new that when they created the Razr. Apple has been using this motto with every new phone (the 4 is slimmer that the 5… admit it). A strong, slim phone is what everyone wants.

5) Universal Sharing
Sharing files, such as music, videos, pictures, and documents is now a must. Samsung has been doing this since the S3, where you can tap devices to share information. It makes things easier, especially in a business world where many business men and women depend on their phones for everything. Sure, there are apps out there like Hoccer, but why not conform? Why not put the ability to share to every phone out on the market today instead of just the companies? It limits the phone when cross-platforming is not enabled. Enable it! I want to share things from my S4 to my friends 5s, or my cousins Lumia, or someone using a Razr. Universal Sharing will unlimit the first phone that initiates this. It will become a major selling point for that phone, and will become a staple everywhere else.

4) Instant Streaming
Whether you’re running a blog, shooting a movie, or a video on your smartphone, instant streaming should be available. Many devices on the market today offer instant streaming, such as the Looxcie HD wearable camera. Why not initiate the availability of Instant Streaming on the smartphone’s camera? It would create the world’s most social smartphone because people could shoot in realtime, and it would instantly upload to fan favorites such as Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Facebook, etc…

3) Security
Look. Apple took a big step into a better direction. With the TouchID enabled you have to use biometrics to do certain functions. Yes, unfortunately this has already been hacked- in less than one weeks time- but it was a step in the right direction. It’d be nice to see a phone be locked by a vocal command, and unlocked that way. Yes, that can be hacked by using a digital recorder, but unless you’re singing directly into it, it would be harder. This would also create the instant security of only one user per phone.

2) Universal Face-Face Conferencing
Another business favorite. Ever wonder why more companies are using Skype, or Apple’s FaceTime app? It makes meetings and conference calls over the phone more personable. Think about it. If your company made a phone where you could universally connect to FaceTime, or Skype, and any other video conference app, without having to really download anything, it would be phenomenal. Companies would use that phone instantly just for the fact of being able to see anyone and everyone.

This is a must, and the number one feature I believe that should be on every single smartphone out there. A better battery. Companies are creating smartphones that can do so many things at one time that it is instantly draining battery life. Many phone companies state their battery has 17 hours of battery life. Yeah, if the only thing you do is talk on the phone. But what about if I am video conferencing. That’s using the speaker, the mic, and the camera all at once, not to mention the fact that it would be using the 4G network to stream the call. That 17 hour battery life just became 3 hours. Every smartphone user wants an immensely longer battery life. Will we see it in 2014?

Smartphones are evolving. We see it every day, and if not every day than at least every month. These are just a few features I believe we should see in smartphones coming out in 2014. If one phone had all of these features, would you not buy it? Universal Face-Face, longer batter, water and dirt proof? What other features would you like to see in the 2014 generation of smartphones?



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