Ten JRPGs You Should Go Back and Play

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything, so I thought, why not do an article about something that I really enjoy? When I was a kid, the first game that ever caught my eye was Final Fantasy. Since then, I have been completely addicted to those awesome JRPG games. Now, without further ado, I will give you a list of ten JRPGS you should go back and play. And if you have never played them, well, what the hell are you thinking?


10: Ni No Kuni:

Yes, I know it is extremely surprising to have a newer game on this list, considering the lack of JRPG games in recent years. Ni No Kuni revitalized a genre that seemed like it was dying. With it’s expansive world, insanely addictive story, and absolutely awesome gameplay, the game has so much to offer. Whether you wanted to explore, play some mini-games, or just do a straight run through, you have plenty to do and plenty of time to spend on this masterpiece.


9: Fire Emblem Awakening:

Man, another new game? I didn’t think that this was gonna happen. Fire Emblem Awakening in and of itself is a reason for anyone to own a 3DS. It has strategy across expansive battlefields, the ability to level up characters, and even the ability to have babies. This game really tried to give you some crazy gameplay. Totally worth it to anyone who loves the JRPG genre.

8: Disgaea:

I know it is not the most serious game in the world, but hey, that is what made this game so great. The story and characters are funnier than any I have seen in gaming, not to mention that the combat and leveling system have so much to offer. Unfortunately, they didn’t keep up the steam with any newer games, but this one will always have a place in my heart.

7:  Lost Odyssey:

This game was, in my opinion, one of the few great JRPGs to come out for the Xbox 360. Completely overlooked, it is a highly emotional game with a very in-depth story that keeps you coming back for more. Admittedly, it is kinda slow at first, but once you get into it you are hooked.

6: Tales of Vesperia

Now I know some people will choose other Tales games over this one, but Vesperia really caught my attention in a huge way. I mean, you cannot argue with a game that was popular enough to have a full length anime movie made about it, right?


5: Xenogears:

A Cult Classic to many, but possibly one of the greatest JRPGs of all time. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked due to the high praise for Final Fantasy VII. It has a well thought out plot, beautiful storytelling and amazing characters, which just made this game worth any JRPG fan’s time. Truly in the creme de la creme of JRPGs.


4: Final Fantasy VII

Wait, what? He didn’t put Final Fantasy VII at number one! How could he? Well, I will tell you why. I never thought it was the greatest JRPG of all time. That’s not to say that I didn’t love the game because, let’s be honest, anyone who played it did. From the music, to the story and the characters, it is just a pure JRPG you will always be able to go back and play again and again and love.


3: Chrono Trigger:

This game blew my mind as a child. You take a fantastic story and mix in time travel. It was like Back to the Future on crack. Who wouldn’t want that? The story truly made you invest yourself in these characters, and let’s not forget the music, which will be caught in your head forever.


2: Star Ocean 3:

Man, I love this game. I mean, I really love this game. I probably beat it about 100 times. Amazing music, characters, storyline, mini-games, and so much exploration that you can get caught for literally 100 hours playing through this game just once. Not to mention having battle trophies to collect to give you just another thing to want to complete. It truly was a masterpiece of a game.

1: Final Fantasy VI:

This game…wow…I love it. It was the first game I truly fell in love with that made me keep coming back to play it over and over and over again. Kefka, to me, is the most bad-ass maniacal antagonist to ever exist in gaming. And every character you meet has an incredibly in-depth story, the visuals were ahead of their time, and did I mention the opera? That scene is one of the most memorable scenes in gaming history and I consider this my favorite game of all time. Definitely one to sit down and give a play.


Well, there you have it. A long list of JRPGs that truly make the genre something we have all come to love and enjoy. What games do you think should be on this list? Write your list in the comments below.



  1. Kamille says:

    Playing Suikoden 3 right now and the way that game handles the story and the combat system is astonishing. I mean, one of the protagonists kills a kid and that was really shocking to me, I really didn’t expect that but that’s not all. The way they present the horrors of war and the clash of cultures is done in such a mature and masterful way that you’ll have it really hard to find another JRPG like it, if any.

    The game has 3 different types of combat system depending on the situation. You have kind of an RTS/strategy combat when fighting armies, you have 1-on-1 duels and the traditional turn based combat but with formation attacks and stuff ala Chrono Trigger. And this is not all, you even get to have your own castle which you can name and then you can recruit up to 108 characters to create your own private army to fight evil! And the best thing of all is that each one of those 108 character have very unique traits, they are not just some generic NPCs. You can form a party of 6 people with whoever the hell you want and depending on who you chose they all have different team attacks and stuff. Another thing is the incredibly deep skill-set each character have which is fully customizable but it comes with some presets for the lazy (but you can still remove them to make it your own).

    Seriously, Suikoden as a whole it’s an amazingly godlike series with really good stories, deep battle system but crappy graphics though. All of them are easily on par with overrated series like FF that sell on name alone.

    Kotaku are great fans of Suikoden too: http://kotaku.com/5951386/how-to-fix-the-best-rpg-series-on-the-planet

  2. TheUnBiasedGamer says:

    … What about Xenoblade Chronicles?

  3. rpgmaniac says:

    FFVII & Xenogears is my 2 all time favorite games also Star Ocean: Till the End of Time is also one of my all time favorite games u have them all on your list, but my 3rd most favorite game is not there… WHERE IS SUIKODEN II ??? ~.~ that game is a MASTERPIECE!!! if u haven’t play it ever then do your self a favor & go play it & if u have play it & still believe it’s not worth a place in your TOP 10 list then shame on u nothing else to say.

    • FrankCelona says:

      Of Course I have played it! I do love that game and honestly this was one of the hardest lists I have ever had to make!

  4. ThePokeMaster says:

    Obligatory FF7 inclusion was predictable. FF9 was technically the better FF game in the PS1 era.

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