The Best. The Fastest. Temple Run 2.

So we’ve all played Temple Run at least once since we’ve gotten our Android or iOS operated smartphones. If you haven’t, perhaps you should give it a go. For those of you who don’t know, Temple Run is an infinite running video game that was released in 2011. The game has the player playing an explorer who stole a sacred idol from a temple and is now being chased by its guardians, a pack of demonic monkeys.

In January of 2013, Imangi Studios- the studio that brough us Temple Run- released the sequel, Temple Run 2. Based of the same idea, you play an explorer running for their dear life, but this time, instead of a pack of demonic monkeys… you are running from one. But it’s not just one monkey, it’s one gigantic demon monkey named Cuchanck. The premise of the game hasn’t changed though. Run through a temple. Collect coins. Survive. Easy enough, right?

Bolt-in-temple-run-2Well, now the running part becomes a little bit easier after Imangi Studios released a new playable character- Usain Bolt, the fastest man alive. That’s right. Now, not only are you running through a temple carrying a sacred idol, but you are Usain Bolt running through a temple carrying a sacred idol.

Imangi Studios didn’t just stop by making him a playable character, they tricked him out to a ridiculous level. Bolt’s character can run faster than all other characters while engaging the coin magnet at the same time. They also made sure to dress him right. I mean, what explorer who goes into ancient temples and reclaims lost idols doesn’t wear spandex? That’s right, Usain Bolt’s character will be seen in his trademark Jamaican Track Uniform. Just what every explorer needs!

Bolt has commented on his in game presence, stating that he is a fan of the games and plays them while traveling, and that seeing himself in the actual game “is fun and a little crazy”. You can get Bolt’s downloadable character from the app store or Google Play for 99¢.

-Tim McGee
Reporter and Correspondent for By The Win and



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