Top 5 WTF Moments in Games

Sometimes when you’re playing a game, have you ever caught yourself looking at something on the screen and just thinking to yourself, WTF? Now, this can be anything from something that makes you laugh to something that makes you cry or even just rage out. We took the time to make up a list of 5 WTF moments in games that really stuck out in our heads.


5: Man Bath- Final Fantasy 7

Anyone who has played this game knows what I am talking about. When entering the Honey Bee Inn to save Tifa, if you choose the “right” door,  you have the option to bathe with a group of other men. The first question that always comes to mind is “How does that help me save Tifa again?” Damned if I know, but after watching everything happen I couldn’t help but say, WTF?

4: Sanity Meter – Eternal Darkness

Now, I know this is not one specific moment, but it was quite possibly this game’s coolest and creepiest factor. For those of you who haven’t played, you have a sanity meter when you play the game and when certain events happen, your sanity meter will go down. Once it is lowered, the game plays games with your head, using everything from upside down screens, dying for no reason, and even a random blue screen error. They truly freak you out and, again, make you say, WTF.

3: Buckle Your Pants – Battle Block Theater

This game was so much fun to play and even the story was pretty interesting, to say the very least. But once you get to the end, just like in most games made by Behemoth, they do something completely out of left field. Buckle Your Pants is the ending song for the game and really has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of it, whatsoever. The visuals are absolutely hilarious, as always, but you still have to say WTF. Truthfully, I could have used pretty much anything by Behemoth for this list as they usually do something crazy in every game, which is one of the many reasons I love them.

2: Would You Kindly? – Bioshock

This is one of my favorite games of all time and it has probably made hundreds of these WTF list with this little number. but that didn’t mean that I could ignore it. It was so good it deserves to be on multiple lists. Those comforting words that helped guide you through the twisted world known as Rapture become instruments of terror as you realize you have become a pawn. Without giving spoilers away, your character doesn’t take it to well.


1: Ending – Metal Gear Solid 4

Seriously, who saw that coming? It was quite possibly one of the greatest endings to one of the greatest series ever made, but did you ever once question *pst…spoilers ahead* that you might be the bad guy all along? That you were fighting for the wrong side? This completely blew me away and WTF doesn’t even begin to describe it.


There are so many moments throughout the history of gaming that you could look at and say those infamous three words, but to do a complete list would take a lifetime. Any WTF moments you would like to add? Leave a comment below!



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