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Video Games: Good for You and Those Around You

Video games are constantly under vast scrutiny about how the violence in video games is causing sociopathic murder sprees. Before video games it was television; before that it was books; then drawings, and finally women. There has always been something to blame for all of the inherent violence that plagues mankind, but what about all the good something can do?

When looking at the world of gaming everyone focuses strictly on the games. When reviewing it’s mostly statements such as “Outstanding Graphics”, “Amazing gameplay”, and- yes, I have personally seen this one- “Better than sex”. It’s rare to see someone say something like, “The best exercise my thumbs have had” or “Clearly helping fight off arthritis.”. Want to know a secret? Video games help increase dexterity in the hands of the players. The constant motion, the rotation of the joysticks, and the pushing of the buttons are all good for the muscle control and development of your hands.

Imagination. It’s what gives us ideas, helps us create skyscrapers and discover new sciences. The imagination helps us in everything we do, so why not develop it? Whether people want to admit it or not, video games do influence people. Now, it would be simple to just read a book, travel, or watch television, but video games also help develop your imagination. The colors, the sounds, the stories, and the ideas all help your brain develop. The only problem here is that if the mind playing the video games cannot tell the difference between video game violence and real life violence, perhaps this would not be the appropriate stimulation for the individual’s imagination.

Last but not least, video games can inspire. I know this sounds a little odd, but listen. Not too long ago an elderly lady was driving in Golden, CO. with her two grandchildren. One of the grandchildren was 10 years old, the other was his little brother. The grandmother had passed out while going 60 mph. Now this is a scary scenario for anyone, let alone a 10 year old boy. But when push came to shove, the 10 year old boy steered the car away from on-coming traffic and into a ditch so that his family would be out of the way from traffic. When he was asked where he learned how to drive, he credited Mario Kart.

While video games are generally noticed by the media at large as a scapegoat for people with homicidal tendencies, people need to be informed well enough on the idea that games can also help develop a person, and even save lives.

About Tim McGee

Tim McGee is the Director of Programming for Obstructed Views Productions. He likes long walks on the beach, sunsets, making webseries, and webmovies- and putting them online.

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