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Will the NSA eventually affect the gaming world?

We have all heard the news rumblings surrounding the NSA and all of the issues people have with the government being involved in our personal lives over the internet. One question is, will this eventually effect our world in areas outside of just browsing the internet? It already affects our regular Facebook updates and Twitter posts, but could it eventually leak into the world of gaming? We all know that with the birth of the more “media friendly” consoles, which do more then just play games, that something like this was eventually going to come up.

I, personally, would be surprised if this all does not leak into the world of gaming, but how exactly would it affect the way we play? Would they be able to listen in on the conversations had in parties? Will they have the ability to read the messages sent from one user to another? The ability to check your browser history is one that I likely see coming if you use an internet browser on your console. The first two, I agree, seemed quite far-fetched, but it does make you wonder if they have ability to check up on all this other information, and does that really give them the “right” to do it. I would only say that they at least have the ability.

Now, I am hoping that all of these assumptions are in my head and that, ultimately, this will not boil over into the gaming world. Unfortunately, it is quite possible that this is a problem we will have to deal with in the near future. Only time will tell what it will bring.

Do you think they will try to monitor gaming? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. Ronny Wijngaarde

    Hi, I’ve been thinking about this possibility aswell. Its because i recently watched an interesting presentation on gdc vault about how developers can adapt the game they’re creating to please their target audience with a new method called O.C.E.A.N. i wont go into too much detail but the bottom line is that recently researchers have discovered that the type of game a person likes does not only involve weather the person is competetive or not, but much more .The Ocean method for example, explains how the type of games that a person enjoys is strongly related to the individuals strengths, weaknesses, personality type, desires, fears, and much more. The reason I am bringing this up is because i think that in the near future, the nsa can and will exploit this type of research to analyze your gaming profile on x box live or what not, and find out exactly “who you are” as a person, literally and figuratively. that possibility kind of freaks me out sometimes. check out the ocean theory presentation if you like, its interesting.


    I wonder what your thoughts are on this.

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