Xbox One Controller: All Smoke and Mirrors or Bells and Whistles?

With all of the hullabaloo and controversy of the Xbox One, Microsoft has spent months on intense PR to try to save face. With the hopes of gaining popularity amongst gamers, and to try to get up to par with PS4, Xbox has revealed the onslaught of video games that will bring the Xbox One to life. However, on August 12, 2013, Xbox’s youtube channel revealed something on everyone’s mind – the new and improved controller!

Addressing issues that Xbox’s “core gamers” have stated, the new Xbox Controller has a fully “screw free” case. Ever play a video game for eight or nine hours and get tired of the feeling of the screw holes in the back? Yeah, me neither, but according to Xbox’s polls it is one of the biggest problems with the 360 controller. So the geniuses at Microsoft decided to make a screw free case. I imagine it is being held on by a series of clips. I wonder what will happen when it is dropped on the floor while one of their “core gamers” is deeply emerged in the heat of battle or ordering Pizza Hut straight from their console.

Another issue that has been conquered. They got rid of the battery pack! The battery pack on the back side of the controller is no more. Now, to give the controller an all-internal feel, Xbox has designed the new controller to have the battery pack encased inside of the controller. Now, I have to admit, that’s pretty sweet. I prefer an all-internal casing, and they finally did it.

Last on my little list of controller substance, the D pad and Joysticks. They made the joysticks smaller. They are much more accurate, and now smaller. I guess it makes it easier to use.

The D-Pad is now designed as a clear plus sign (+). Less of a rate of error on these guys. The pad is now mounted closer to the motherboard of the controller which gives the response time a major boost- we’re talking milliseconds here, people- and it’s a more accurate part of the controller.

So how will the “One Controller” face against the fan favorite “360 Controller”? The world will only be able to tell upon purchase, I suppose. Here’s what I can say though. With the new One controller, they have added a lot of tech into such a tiny shell. Should we be giving the Xbox One a newer, fresher look? With what they’ve done with the controller, who knows what they could do with the system.

-Tim McGee
Raptor Ridin’, wordsmithing talent.



  1. mikefichera says:

    It’s “battery.”

  2. zakcole says:

    Your English is terrible. Sorry for the negative review but you should work on it if you’d like to be in the field. At least proof read your work. Also, you’ve made a few claims, like the fact the screw thing came out top of the polls, when in fact you have no way to determine that. The interview only references the screws being critiqued.

  3. John F Xontic says:

    “serious of clips”… plus so many more. I could pick this article apart all day for failing the English language… or just avoid this garbage. Proof read.

  4. Tim McGee says:

    Unfortunately for me, you are all correct. I had written this with very little sleep behind me and a deadline fast approaching. Thank you all for your constructive criticism. I have edited the article to read more smoothly. I hope you all enjoy the rest of the content this website has to offer.

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